Thursday, March 5, 2009

Vinnie's Concert List

1.) Eddie Holman
     Brooklyn Bridge
     Steel Pier, Atlantic City, June 1971
  I remember Eddie opening with the Temptations own Get Ready. The Brooklyn Bridge was all long haired, wearing tied-dye clothing and opened the show with something that sounded sort of Hendrix.
Eddie had that hit; Hey There Lonely Girl

2.) August Max
     J. F. Murphy and Salt
     Carteret High School Football Field, August 1971

I paid $5.00 to a Carteret cop so I can hop over the fence in the back of the stadium, instead of paying full price. J. F. Murphy did have a live album recorded at the Fillmore East, they opened their show with a bagpipe player near the stands and then he proceeded to walk across the field through the audience to the stage which was set up in the middle of the field. The show was put on by the graduating class of that year. It was also noted by a friend of my older brother that the wacky weed was being smoked somewhere in the audience. I at the time had no clue what she was referring to.

3.)  Sha Na Na
      Stevie Wonder and the Wonderettes
      John Lennon, Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Elephants Memory Band
      Madison Square Gardens, Matinee Show, August 30,1972

I went with Mike and Rick. Rick’s dad drove us there. The scalpers were interested in the night show, at $150.00. I paid maybe $20.00 for my ticket. Sha Na Na had Vince Taylor with them. Stevie Wonder’s band would change their name within two months to Wonderlove. Stevie played greatest hits during his set, ending with Superstitious.
This was a One To One Benefit show. The only time I ever saw spot lights used with mirrors to light up the stage.
John Lennon opened with chanting Power To The People six times then opened with New York City.
During this portion of the show the unsold tickets were being given out on the streets. Ricks’ dad was able to get in with no ticket and he got Rick and Mike after the show. I ended up going home on the bus with future members of the Smithereens and others, including Andy K. from Carteret. My mother had asked me were I was all day, I must have been home by 6 pm, I told her that I was at Woodbridge Center all day. About seven years later I told her the truth, something to do with some biblical verse. I think she knew the whole time.

4.) Bruce Springsteen
     Madison Square Gardens, June 14, 1973

This was the absolute first time Bruce had ever played the garden. He was introduced as being from New Jersey and the people were telling him to go back there. They did like the show somewhat.
Chicago had just released that album after that Live at Carnegie Hall album, the band had played Carnegie again and this was the first show of two nights being their first time playing the Garden. They were received much better than Bruce as everyone clapped to every song Chicago played. My ticket was an extra that my brother John and his high school gang had.

5.)  Jo Jo Gunne
       Edgar Winter
      Twin City ballroom, Elizabeth, N. J. June 23, 1973
Edgar had Ronnie Montrose on guitar and Dan Hartman on bass.

6.)  Led Zeppelin
       Madison Square Gardens, Friday July 27, 1973

I got up to front row center this night. Because of this I was filmed and edited into the opening song of the concert footage of the movie The Song Remains The Same. The Woman in Black helped me get to the front row. I had sold the only extra ticket for the shows that I had for this night to Matt. I met up with him later at the bus terminal.

7.)  Led Zeppelin
       Madison Square Gardens, Saturday July 28, 1973

8.)  Led Zeppelin
       Madison Square Gardens, Sunday July 29, 1973

I sat most of the night, too tired to move and the show and drum solo during Moby Dick got longer each night. This was the only night of the three that a second encore was performed; Thank You.

9.)  Sutherland Brothers and Quiver
      Elton John
      Madison Square Gardens, September 1973
       went with Eugene Nemeth

10.) Fabulous Rhinestones
       New Riders of the Purple Sage
       Middlesex County College, October 14, 1973

11.) Forest Green
       New York Dolls
       State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey, November 16, 1973
       This was the show right after their infamous Waldorf-Astoria performance.

12.) Dalton and Dubarri
        Loggins and Messina
        Madison Square Gardens, November 22, 1973

         At one point Rusty Young of Poco would swing his metal chair across the strings
           of his pedal steel guitar. Play it that way.

13.)  Brownsville Station
        J. Geils Band
        Madison Square Gardens, November 30, 1973
         I did get J. Geils guitar pick. From the 4th row center.

14.)  Duke Williams and the Extremes
        Felt Forum, NYC
        December 31, 1973 / January 1, 1974

15.)  Thunderhead
        Brownsville Station
        Johnny Winter
         Miami – Hollywood Sportatorium
         March 2, 1974

16.) Elephants Memory Band
        Brownsville Station
       Central Park Band Shell, free show
       April 13, 1974
       A slight rain fell upon as. Went with my brother Gregory.

17.) Tom Waits
        Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
       Miami Jai-Lai, Miami, Florida
        July 12, 1974
 With Napoleon Murphy Brock, performing the Illinois Enema Bandit for the first time.
   Seeking a volunteer from the audience they got Fran who administers such enemas.

18.) Snafu
       Frampton’s Camel
       Schaefer Music Festival, NYC August, 1974

19.) Griffin
       Miami Jai-Lai, November 28, 1974

20.)  James Montgomery Band
        Joe Cocker and the Jim Price Band
         Miami Jai-Lai, December 1, 1974
        Joe at times would walk behind the amps just to throw up.

21.)   George Harrison and Friends
         Featuring Ravi Shankar, Billy Preston, Jim Keltner, Jim Horn
         Madison Square Gardens, NYC, December 19, 1974

22.)  P. F. M.
        Academy of Music, NYC, December 21, 1974
        P. F. M. = Pretty Fine Music, a band from Italy.

23.) Camel
       Blue Oyster Cult
      Academy of Music, January 1, 1975
 This was show # 2, as it did begin after midnight, because of a fire in the seats.
Fell asleep during Camel, woke up at the beginning of Carmen.
A rather buxom woman in leather and a whip introduced BOC.
The rhythm guitarist shaved his beard off with an electric razor on stage.

24.)  Pretty Things
        The Strawbs
        New Beacon Theatre, NYC
        March 2, 1975
 The Pretty Things kept on having equipment problems This was the only time I ever saw this scene - the first band’s equipment is moved to the front of the stage.
Then this portion of the stage is lowered to the basement where the equipment can be unloaded.

25.) Jo Jo Gunne
       New Beacon Theatre, NYC
       March 21, 1975

The second of two shows. We sat where the inside album photo on the KISS Alive album was taken.
  Their album Dressed To Kill was released this day.

26.) Journey
       Hot Tuna
       Academy of Music, NYC
       April 25, 1975
      Don't remember Journey at all

27.)  Mahavishna Orchestra
        Jeff Beck Group
        Avery Fisher Hall, NYC
       April 30, 1975
      This was a tour where both bands would take turns headlining

28.)  Suzi Quatro
        Alice Cooper
        Madison Square Gardens, NYC
        May 5, 1975
       This show had 27 people from Carteret, New Jersey all on the same bus ride home.
        This also have been where the bus driver stopped before the New Jersey Turnpike toll booth.
       And threatened to throw us off if we did not stop making a racket ! ...

29.)  War is Over Festival, Central Park, New York City, May 11, 1975 Free
Reverend Kilpatrick, Ossie Davie, Patti Smith with Lenny Kaye and a bass player, Jeremy Steig,
Andy Bolin, Eddie Martinez, Joe Drukas Group, Human Condition, Dave Dellenger,
Deadly Nightshade, Bella Azbug, Odetta, Harry & Julie Belafonte and the Indian Drummers,
Dick Feller, Tom Paxton, Danny O’Keefe, Phil Ochs, Peter Yarrow, Pete Seeger,
  Richie Havens, Joan Baez, Paul Simon

30.) Stanky Brown Group
       Brewer and Shipley
       Emily Lou Harris
       Ozark Mountain Daredevils
       Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey
       May 17, 1975

      Was suppose to be Brewer and Shipley's last tour.
        Emily Lou Harris was the new kid on the scene

31.)  Catfish ------   solo artist with an acoustic guitar
        Maggie Bell
        Bad Company
        Madison Square Gardens, May 30, 1975 $5.00

32.)  Thee Image with Mike Pinera
         Golden Earrings
        Black Oak Arkansas
         Academy of Music, 14th Street, New York City
         May 31, 1975 $6.50

         Mike Pinera formerly of Cactus.
        Mike's band had a small drummer with a very large drum set.

33.)  Pink Floyd
        Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City
        June 14, 1975 $8.00

34.) Journey
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, June 20th 1975

       On drums – Al White the drummer for Zappa and the Plastic Ono Band
       Ex - Steve Miller band member on bass. There was a second guitarist.
       A free show due to a headliner Bob Marley cancellation.
       Note; Journey at the time was an instrumental band.
       Tho' I saw them five times. Never with a lead singer.

35.)  Thee Image
        Leslie West
       Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, June 21, 1975 $2.50
       Ronnie Montrose, former guitarist for the Edgar Winter band.

36.) Mira Bai
       Jim Dawson
       Robert Klein
       Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, June 25, 1975

       Free show for me because a police officer gave me a ticket for the performance.

37.)  James Gang
        Peter Frampton Band
        Schaefer Music Festival
        June 27, 1975

         James Gang minus JW, but lead singer and two guitars added

38.)  Santana
        Eric Clapton, encore with John McLaughlin and Billy Cobham
        Nassau Coliseum  $8.00
        June 28, 1975

39.)  Prusette Dart band
        Dave Mason
         Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park  $2.50
          July 2, 1975

40.)  Blood, Sweat and Tears
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, New York City
        July 5, 1975

        This was with a new lead singer.

41.)  James Gang
        Leslie West Band
        Johnny Winter
        Alice Cooper
        Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City
        July 7, 1975

42.)  Three Dog Night
         Schaefer Music Festival, Central park, New York City  $2.50
         July 16, 1975

43.)  Ace
         Roosevelt Stadium  $7.50
         July 25, 1975

44.)  Status Quo
        Black Sabbath
        Philadelphia Spectrum  $6:50
        August 6, 1975
                                                A  Most  Typical  Journey

 A most "Typical" concert, for reasons to be explained later much to the chagrined of Brian who drove. It's "Later, the new buzz word for the day was "Typical". Typical was used in every form of conjugation. A typical right turn into a typical Philly Slum School Yard full of Typical Hoodies was the best yet for the entire typical trip home. Was until the ride home when Brian typically pulled the car over and screamed at us three in the back to Shut Up, Shut Up, Shut Up !
 Now Dave was in the typical passenger seat holding some kind of flower that he obtained from the drummer's stage set. How Typical ? So he typically was not in a position to interfere with the three of us in the back being typically chided and yelled at. Of course the three of us typically agreed to stop doing whatever it was that we were doing, and Brian started driving back on home. Only to have one of us in the back mutter under their breath ...

                                                            " How Typical".

45.)  Slade
        Z. Z. Top
        Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New Jersey
        August 9, 1975

46.)  Ruby Star and the Gray Ghost
        Room Full of Blues
        J. Geils Band
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central park, New York City  $2.50
         August 13, 1975

         Roomful of Blues was booed off stage.
The band came back on and just then it rained buckets making the band permanently leave the stage. Ruby Starr sang on Black Oak Arkansas's Jim Dandy to the Rescue.

47.)  Charlie Daniels band
        Commander Cody & his Lost Planet Airmen
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central park, New York City  $2.50
         August 16, 1975
        Screamin Scott of Sha Na Na sang with the Commander's band.

48.)  Lynard Skynard
        Ten Years After
        Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, August 22, 1975  - $7.50

 Lynard Skynard had an interesting light show, even though it was during the day time.
I had no clue just who they were until they performed Freebird. Actually I was rather clueless all throughout the day, but the guy who handed me a loaded hash pipe to hold was the most clueless that is until Mike came running over to save the pipe from whatever.
 Then I knew who they were. They were that band who recorded that song that the Florida radio station WSHE-FM of Miami played all the time, but never ever gave the name of the band. After Matty had to drag me around during the first band, it was my turn to drag him around during the next band.
 This was the Faces last tour and they had two bassists, the other guy being the replacement bassist for the band Free. We could not stop chanting “Stewart Sucks”.
   There's much more to this story.

49.)  America
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, August 24, 1975 - $2.50
        Twas all three of the original band members.

50.)  Todd Rundgren and Utopia
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, August 25, 1975  - $2.50

        The live album was recorder at this show.
        Side One starts with a fading into a song because ...
        A fight broke out at the song' beginning, and Todd stopped the band.
        Then yelling at the two, to never come to one of his concerts again.

51.)  Ted Nugent
         Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, August 29, 1975 - $2.50
         It was like, is he (Ted) still with the Amboy Dukes?
        Nugent was making a come back. May have been just releasing his first solo album.

52.)   America
         Jefferson Starship
         New Riders of the Purple Sage
         Doobie Brothers
          Beach Boys
     The Great American Music Festival, Syracuse, New York, September 2, 1975 – Free
  I got in by going through a hole in the fence. The best thing was the burning of the outhouses.
These were the old wooded ones that were situated on the bases of a baseball field in the outdoor stadium.

53.)  California English
        Lori Liberman
       John Sebastian with Ken Allman
       Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, September 13, 1975 - $2.50

This was the last show of the series and I got John’s harmonica when he tossed it into the audience.
I still have it to this day. I landed right next to where I was sitting on the pavement.
   I immediately put it into my pocket and then . ........
about a hundred hands landed on the exact spot where the harmonica fell.
  (Years later at an outdoor free show in Newark, NJ. I got to tell him that it was me has it.)

54.)  National lampoon Show
        Middlesex County College, September 30, 1975 – Free
        Meatloaf with Jim Steinman, the female singer on that Meatloaf record and others.

55.)  Montrose
         Black Oak Arkansas
          Beacon Theatre, New York City, October 11, 1975

 Duane throws Montrose buttons onstage, Mike gets a button back from the singer of Montrose.
 Mike runs on stage during Black Oak, high fives Jim Dandy and then. ……..
 Montose is Ronnie Montrose, that guy formerly with the Edgar Winter Band.

56.)  Diane Scanlon
         10 CC
         Beacon Theatre, New York City, October 25, 1975

57.)    Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
           Felt Forum, New York City, MSG, October 31, 1975

58.)  Argent
        Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow
        Beacon Theatre, November 12, 1975
        This may have been Rainbow’s first US concert.

59.) The Rolling Thunder Revue
        Roger McGuinn
        Ramblin’ Jack Elliott
        Joan Baez, Mimi Farina,  Bob Dylan
        Mick Ronson, Joni Mitchell
        Bobby Neuwirth, Ronnie Blakely
        New Haven Coliseum, Connecticut, November 13, 1975

60.)  Benny Mardonez
        Peter Frampton
         Dave Mason
         Madison Square Gardens, November 21, 1975 - $6.50

61.)  James Cotton Band
         Marshall Tucker band
         Beacon Theatre, NYC
         November 22, 1975
        I did get Toy’s and George’s guitar picks.

62.)  Tubes
         Beacon Theatre, NYC
         November 23, 1975

63.)  Manfred Mann Earth Band
         Roxy Music
         Beacon Theatre, NYC
         November 26, 1975

       At some point Blinded By The Light was being performed.
       It sounded familiar, but still did not know.

64.)  Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel
       Beacon Theatre, NYC, November 28, 1975
       School Boys in Disgrace Tour.

65.)  Al Stewart
       The Felt Forum, NYC
        November 30, 1975

66.)  Aerosmith
        Black Sabbath
        Madison Square Gardens, December 3, 1975

67.)  The Rolling Thunder Revue
       Roger McGuinn, Ramblin Jack Elliott, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez
     Ronnie Blakely, Bob Dylan, Mick Ronson, Bob Neiwhart, Barry Mansfield
        Roberta Flack, Scarlette O'Hara, Robbie Robertson, M. Wyeth
       Madison Square Garden, December 8, 1975
        The Concert for the Hurricane

68.)  Eric Carmen Band
        Peter Frampton
        Avery Fisher Hall, NYC, December 17, 1975
        WNEW FM Benefit Concert for Cerebral Palsy


69.)  Nazareth
        Deep Purple
        Radio City Music Hall, Januart 23, 1976
        DP had Tommy Bolin on guitar.
        Allison Steele of WNEW read my review of the show on air.

70.)  Cate Brothers
        Beacon Theatre, NYC, February 5, 1976
Queen said somewhere that this was the worst night of this tour. With 27 people from Carteret at the show it is no wonder why. Matty, his brothers, I and others bought 21 tickets at the theatre when they went on sale. I purchased three front row and three third row seats. Left the front row seats for Matt, Ray and Nick. Matt and Ray were to soon enter the Marines. Mike hits Mercury with a flash cube, booed Freddie when he snotted the audience to shut up. Cookies were tossed as well.

71.)  American Tears
        Peter Frampton
        Capitol Theatre, February 14, 1976
        Went with Pete, Howard and Ricky.

72.)  Journey
        Electric light Orchestra
        Beacon Theatre, NYC, March 21, 1976
        Third row center seats.

73.)  Wishbone Ash
        Robin Trower
        Madison Square Gardens, March 24, 1976

74.)  Hydra
        Wishbone Ash
        Regent Theatre, Elizabeth, New Jersey, March 26, 1976
 I actually worked as security and as an usher for this show.
When I saw the concert ad in the paper I figured that they need people to work and so I applied.
Went with Barry but he never went to work, just me. I had first detail in the parking lot watching the equipment.
I got to see most of the show afterwards. The theatre is now a department store selling crap.

75.)  Patti Smith
        Avery Fisher Hall, NYC, March 31, 1976

        This was One Great Performance ...

76.)  Pure Prairie League
        King Fish
        Beacon Theatre, NYC, April 3, 1976

77.)  Kansas
        Bad Company
        Madison Square Gardens, April 5, 1976
        ( Oh Lookie, I did see Kansas, well whadda Know !!! )

78.)  Dan Fogelberg
        Regent Theatre, Elizabeth, New Jersey, April 7, 1976

       I worked at this theatre. Had to wait out front for Dan to arrive.
       He was out front already. As I led him to the back I asked him.
            If he came by Limo. He said he had a Hot Toyota ...

79.) Outlaws
       Lynard Skynard
       Beacon Theatre, NYC, April 11, 1976
This was the second of two nights at the theatre. One of Skynard's two guitarists busted a finger on a door after the first show and was not able to play those leads as well. So the band brought onstage Leslie West to perform from the second song on. The first song was with two guitarists from the Outlaws. Ronnie, all barefoot and drinking Jack Daniels kept was the band leader and kept point to who plays lead, and kept on pointing to Leslie. I had 13th row center orchestra.

80.) Steve Goodman
       David Bromberg Band
       Avery Fisher Hall
        May 9, 1976
        Steve Goodman's performance was the best I have ever seen for a solo performer.
        His encore was with Bromberg's band.

81.) Hot Tuna
       Regent Theatre, Elizabeth, New Jersey
       May 1, 1976
I worked this show as an usher. Never got paid, but so what. My friend's little brother Mike went backstage and hung out with Check Steele the drummer.

82.)  Fools Gold
         Loggins and Messina
         Avery Fisher Hall, New York City, $5.00
         May 9, 1976

83.)  Nektar
        Beacon Theatre, New York City
        May 21, 1976

84.)  Eric Anderson
        Loudon Wainwright III
       Regent Theatre, Elizabeth, New Jersey
       May 22, 1976
        I made note that this was my "First Full Free Concert".
I guess that means that it cost me absolutely nothing to get there, go to, and get back from.
Being that this was also my job, of which I did not get paid for either.
I escorted Eric into the theatre.
He said that he drove his "Hot Toyota" all the way from Woodstock, NY.

85.)  Atlanta Rhythm Section
         Charlie Daniels Band
         Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
         June 23, 1976
  Me and Mike C. got in with what we called "The Tickets that Fell from the Sky".
  We did not know how, but there were two tickets on the pavement.
  We picked them up and went in without the usher never ripping them in two.

86.)  Flight
        Sons of Champlain
        Shaefer Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
        June 28, 1976
       Mike Chomsky and I again, reusing those tickets that fell from the sky.
          Of course this time they were torn by the usher.

87.)  Cheech and Chong
        Todd Rundgren's Utopia
         Schaefer Music Festival, NYC
         July 3, 1976

88.)  Jefferson Starship
        Central Park
        July 7, 1976
        Free Show

89.)  Giba
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
        July 21, 1976

90.)  Rory Gallagher
        Robin Trower
        Jethro Tull
        Shea Stadium
        July 23, 1976

91.)  Nils Lofgren
        Rick Derringer
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
        July 26, 1976

92.)  Gerard
         Kingfish (with Bob Weir)
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
        July 30, 1976

93.)  Grinderswitch
         Marshall Tucker Band
         Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
         August 2, 1976

94.)   Grateful Dead
       Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City
       August 4, 1976

95.)  John Hammond
        Cate Brothers
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
        August 14, 1976
The Outlaws had a new drummer and bassist. I caught two towels thrown from the stage.
They came in handy on the how sweaty bus ride back to Carteret.

96.)  Dianne Scanlon
        Gary Wright
        Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
        September 1, 1976
       The first of two show this evening.

97.)  Mahogany Rush
        The Johnny and Edgar Winter Band
        The Felt Forum, NYC
        September 1, 1976

98.) Dianne Scanlon
       Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
       September 3, 1976

99.) Rhinestones
       John Mayall
       Bottom Line, NYC
       September 30, 1976
       Center stage table.

100.)  Rusty Weir
         Ozark Mountain Daredevils
          Palladium, 14th Street, New York City
          October 1, 1976

101.) Peter Frampton
         Madison Square Gardens, NYC
         October 8, 1976

102.)  Ya Da Ya Da
           Crack in the Sky
          The Place, Dover, New Jersey
          October 16, 1976

103.)  Wild Man Fisher (My name is Larry)
          Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
          The Felt Forum, at Madison Square Gardens
           October 31, 1976

104.) Styx
          Montrose  (Ronnie Montrose, formerly of the Edgar Winter band.)
          Climax Blues Band
           Palladium, 14th Street, New York City
            November 17, 1976

105.) David Sanborn
          Deodata with the Brecker Brothers and John Tropea
          Carnegie Hall
          December 15, 1976
    This was the night Bing Crosby was singing White Christmas at Gracie Mansion.
       I missed that, got on the wrong subway and ended up at Carnegie Hall.
         So, how do you get to Carnegie Hall ?

106.) Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
          December 28, 1976
          Zappa - 4th time.


107.)   Wendy Waldman
           Al Stewart
           Avery Fisher Hall, New York City
           February 11, 1977
           At one point I had eight tickets in my hand for the show.

108.)  Patrick McGhee
          Flying Burrito Brothers
          Bottom Line, 8:30 pm performance
          March 1, 1977

109.)  Evening of Blues
          Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, James Cotton, Muddy Waters
          Palladium, 14th Street, New York City
          March 4, 1977

110.) Starz
         Bob Seeger and the Silver Bullet Band
         Palladium, 14th Street, New York City

111.)  Kinderhook Creek
          Palladium, 14th Street, New York City
          May 14, 1977

112.)  Evie Tornquist
          Andre Crouch and His Disciples
          Felt Forum at Madison Square Gardens
          May 20, 1977

113.)  Flame
          Palladium, 14th Street, New York City
          June 3, 1977

114.)  Resurrection Band
          Lambs Club, New York City
          June 11, 1977

115.)  Led Zeppelin
          Madison Square Gardens
          June 14, 1977

116.) Noel Paul Stookey
          Lambs Club, New York City
           June 17, 1977
         He's "Paul" of Peter, Paul and Mary

117.) Crosby, Still and Nash
          Madison Square Gardens
            June 21, 1977

118.) John Sebastian
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival, Central Park, New York City
          July 8, 1977
        Only stayed for half the performance, because I already had tickets for . .....

119.) Emerson, Lake and Palmer
          Madison Square Gardens
            July 8, 1977

120.)  Dan Fogelberg and Fools Gold
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
           July 9, 1977

121.) South Side Johnny and the Asbury Jukes with Ronnie Spector
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival
         July 15, 1977

122.) Micki and Becki
         Lambs Club, New York City
         July 16, 1977
         Recorded for their live album.

123.) Starz ( Threw nuts at.)
         Judas Priest ( First performance in new York City, maybe in America.)
         R. E. O. Speed Wagon
         Palladium, 14th Street, New York City
         July 18, 1977
         JP was promoting their Sin After Sin album.
   Starz - the drummer was with that band that recorded Brandy, You're a Fine Girl.
       He now works for the Union County, New Jersey Parks Department.

124.) Woody Herman and his Thundering Herd.
            Middlesex County College, Edison
              July 21, 1977
    Free performance. Spoke with Woody. He was all "Hey Babe" this, "Hey Babe" that.

125.)   Judy Collins
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival
            July 22, 1977

126.) Dean Friedman
         Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New Jersey
         July 23, 1977

127.) Helen Schneider
         Robert Klein
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival
           July 29, 1977

128.)  Climax Blues Band
           Bad Company
          Madison Square Gardens, New York City
              July 31, 1977
          ( Bad company creates bad morals.) Met up with Patty's brother outside.
          We all use to go to a Christian church together. After leaving, thought that
          it was interesting that this is where I'd see him the last time ...

129.) Blue
         Kiki Dee with Elton John
         Jimmy Buffet and the Corral Reefer band
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival, rain date
         August 2, 1977

130.)  Donovan
          Madison Square Gardens
          August 7, 1977

131.)  Stanky Brown Group
           Dickie Betts and Great Southern
           Eagle Rock Park
          August 8, 1977
            Free Show

132.)  Dave Mason
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 10, 1977
          Dave - 4th time

133.)  Garland Jeffries
          Bonnie Raitt
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 12, 1977

134.)  Prusette Dart Band
          Earl Scruggs Revue
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 15, 1977

135.)  Aztec Two Step
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 22, 1977

136.)  Peter Frampton Band
          Madison Square Gardens
         August 22, 1977
  Yes the date is correct. This was show #2 that day. Bought ticket late outside, at a discount.
   The Star Wars robot R2 D2 came onstage, bringing Peter's guitar for the encore.

137.)  Peter Frampton Band
           Madison Square Gardens
          August 24, 1977
         The Star Wars robot R2 D2 again came onstage, bringing Peter's guitar for the encore.

138.) Patrick Joyce and son Mike
         Tim Moore
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival
        August 26, 1977
        Melanie exclaimed that her band was only three days old.

139.) Beach Boys
        Central Park, New York City
        September 1, 1977
        Free Concert

140.) New Riders of the Purple Sage
         Marshall Tucker Band
         Grateful Dead
         Englishtown Raceway Park
         September 3, 1977
NRPS - 3rd, MTB - 3rd, GD - 2nd.
A very interesting thing with Rosie from Clark happened on my way to this show, as well as the story leaving. Plus a visit with Anne the next day to the aftermath in the parking lot.
Maybe at a later date I'll tell this story.

9/20/2011; I went to the concert with Rosie from Clark, and it took about seven rides to get back home. Rosie and her girlfriends all went into the site at around midnight and that's the last I saw of them. Instead I went to sleep behind some bushes at a bar near an intersection. That early morning I found out something of myself that I never knew. Some guy asleep in the next set of bushes awoke exclaiming "Man, do you Snore" !.
During the concert I learned why one does not drink beer under a hot sun. Late in the evening the band, The Grateful Dead started Terrapin Station when I headed out. The semi tractor trailor containers were moved to allow for concert goers to exit. 1.) The first pickup to go by gave me a ride to the road. 2.) The second car to pass me within moments hitching gave me a ride to the train station. 3.) Within five minutes a train got me a ride to the Rahway Train Station. 4.) Within minutes a car gave me a ride towards Hazlewood Avenue. 5.) Within a minute a ride to my house, and the concert was still being broadcasted on the radio.
 The next day we all met up to go back to the concert site to retrieve Ann's car.

141.) Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
         Palladium, 14th Street, NYC (the old Academy of Music.)
         October 31, 1977
         FZ - 5th

142.) Still Water
         Mark Farner
         Charlie Daniels Band
         November 3, 1977

         Mark tripped over a speaker on stage.

143.) Hot Tuna
          November 26, 1977

144.) Livingston Taylor
         Jethro Tull
         Madison Square Gardens, NYC
         November 30, 1977
         This was the second show of two at MSG.
Apparently James Taylor brother had a hard time from the audience the previous night.
So, he opened his portion of the program with the Beatles "A Little help from my Friends".
"What would you do if I sang out a tune?". Livingston was immediately booed in full force off the stage.
In my opinion, I think that he gave the audience exactly what they wanted, which is okay by me.

145.)  Jerry Garcia Band
          Rutgers College Gym
          December 4, 1977

146.)  Cactus
          James Cotton Band
          South Mountain Arena
          December 9, 1977


147.)  Jay Boy Williamson
          Marshall Tucker band
          Capitol Theatre, Dover, New Jersey
          January 15, 1978

148.) Eddie Money
         Sea Level
         Elvin Bishop Group
         Palladium, NYC
         February 17, 1977

149.) Doucette
         Bob Weir Band
         Capitol Theatre, Passaic
          March 11, 1978

150.)  Hawkwind
          The Place, Dover, New Jersey
          March 18, 1978
           Was the US tour that Nik Turner was not allowed to enter the country for.
           I retrieved a roll of electrical tape of the band's equipment, a souvenir.

151.) Ken Bloom
         Gene Clark & Roger McGuinn
         Bottom Line, NYC
         March 19, 1978

152.) Roger Sprung and the Progressive Mountain Boys
          With special guest David Bromberg
          Englishtown Music Hall
           April 29, 1978
           David was performing elsewhere
            and requested that the band to stay onstage for him when he arrived.

153.) Charlie Daniels Band
           Ice Palace
          June 1, 1978
         ( Do any of the readers recall where this place was ??? )

154.) U. K.
         Al Dimeola
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival
         July 7, 1978

155.)  Walter Egan
           Dave Mason
           Belmont Race Park, NYC - $2.00
           July 9, 1978

156.)  Kate Taylor
          Kenny Loggins
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          July 10, 1978

157.)  Aztec Two Step
           Atlanta Rhythm Section
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          July 12, 1978

158.)  Blue Grass Country Festival
           Vernon Valley
           July 15 and16, 1978
        (I don't remember a thing about it.)

159.)  Good Rats
           Meat Loaf
           Garden State Arts Center
           July 22, 1978
           Meat Loaf announced his engagement to Carlotta

160.)  Richard Fury
          Dirt Band
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          July 26, 1978

161.)  Sanford and Townsend
          Bob Welch
          Steve Miller Band
          Fleetwood Mac
          J. F. K. Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
          July 30, 1978

162.)  Jackson Browne
          Garden State Arts Center
          August 11, 1978

163.)  Chuck Mangione
                 with Jack Mangione
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 14, 1978

164.)  Good Rats
          Dickie Betts and Great Southern
          With Greg Allman, Butch Trucks and Jaiome
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival
           August 16, 1978
            The band took a break and soon came back onstage in what may have
                       been the first Allman Brothers Band reunion.

165.)  Peter, Paul and Mary
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
          August 19, 1978

166.)  Prism
          Meat Loaf
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 25, 1978
         Remember when Meat Loaf announced the engagement ???
                       Well, it's most definitely over.

167.)  New Riders of the Purple Sage
          Willie Nelson
          Greatful Dead
          Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
          September 2, 1978

168.)  Yes
          Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          September 9, 1978

169.)  Neil Young and Crazy Horse
          September 27, 1978
          The Rust Never Sleeps Tour.
          Madison Square Gardens, NYC.

170.)  Robert Hunter
          Aztec Two Step
         New Riders of the Purple Sage
         Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey
        September 29, 1978
       NRPS - 5th, Bobbie Black from the Lost Planet Airmen on pedal steel guitar.
             ATS - 3rd

171.)  Bob Dylan
          Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          September 30, 1978
          BD - 3rd

172.)  Ozark Mountain Daredevils
          Dave Mason
           Palladium, NYC
          October 7, 1978
          OMD - 3rd, DM - 5th

173.)  Dave Edmunds and Rock Pile
          Van Morrison
          Rutgers College Gym
         October 23, 1978

174.)  Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
          Palladium, NYC
          October 31, 1978
          FZ - 6th

175.)  Ralph McTell (Streets of London.)
          David Bromberg
          Rutgers Student Center
          November 9, 1978

176.)  Molly Hatchet
          Capitol Theatre, Dover, New Jersey
          November 10, 1978

177.)  David Sancious and Tone.
          Larry Coryell
         Rutgers Student Center
         November 15, 1978

178.)  Navarro
          Carole King
         Capitol Theatre, Passaic
         November 16, 1978
         Complimentary Tickets, went with Dianne G.

179.)  Golden Earrings
          The Philadelphia Spectrum
          November 25, 1978, went with Sue V. and others
The show ended abruptly after Steve Tyler was hit in the face with a bottle thrown from the audience.
An article in a magazine mentioned that the "pussie" who threw the bottle was thougherly beaten.


180.)  Grateful Dead
           Madison Square Gardens, NYC
           January 7, 1979
           GD - 4th

181.)  Grateful Dead
          Nassau Coliseum
          January 9, 1979
          GD - 5th
          This was a Grateful Dead show.
The first chords of something was performed that made everyone awe in wonder.
I was able to hear the astonishment from the audience through the thick cloud of smoke hovering inside the arena.
    To this day I do not know what it was, but it was great.

182.)  Steve Forbert
          Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ
          January 26, 1979

183.)  Pig Iron
          Rick Derringer
          Regent Theatre, Elizabeth, New Jersey
          February 2, 1979
          A new management company took over productions here. I did not work for them.

184.)  Peter Rowan, Tex Logan
          New Riders of the Purple Sage
          Rutgers Student Center
          February 18, 1979
          NRPS - 6th, went with Sue V. and others.

185.)  McGuinn, Clark and Hillman
           Bottom Line, NYC
           February 23, 1979
           The infamous "snow blind" show.

186.)  Henry Paul Band
          Charlie Daniels Band
          Walsh Auditorium, Seton Hall University
          March 16, 1979

187.)  Ninelinger Family
           Ray Wiley Hubbard and the Lost Gonzo Band
            Bottom Line, NYC
           March 29, 1979

188.) Bo Str - - Ley (That's all I can remember.)
          Bottom Line, NYC
           March 31st, 1979
           Poco - 3rd

189.)  Willie Nelson and Leon Russell
          Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ
          April 1, 1979

190.)  Yankees
          Black Oak Arkansas
          Alexanders (Where was this place ???)
          April 21, 1979

191.)  New Riders of the Purple Sage
          Allman Brothers Band
          Rutgers Student Athletic Center
          April 27, 1979
          NRPS - 7th, ABB - 2nd

192.)  Muddy Waters
          Eric Clapton
          The Philadelphia Spectrum
          April 30, 1979

193.)  Ten Years After
          Viking Memorial Hall, Upsala College
          May 12, 1979

194.)  San Francisco All Stars
          Lone Star Cafe, NYC
          May 17, 1979
               w/ two Mitzenger brothers

195.)  Stan Getz
          Nanci Wilson
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
          June 25, 1979

196.)  Chris O'Berg
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
          June 29, 1979

197.)  Muddy Waters Band
          Johnny Winter
          James Cotton Band
          B. B. King
          Newport Jazz Festival, Tribute to Muddy Waters
          Radio City Music Hall, NYC
          June 29, 1979

198.)  Charlie Daniels Band
          ( with some guy, last name Winter.)
          Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New jersey
          June 30, 1979
          11:00 pm show, 6th time seeing Charlie, $5.00 ticket

199.)  Orleans
          Steven Stills
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          July 2, 1979

200.)  Rockpile
          Belmont Park, Long Island
          July 8, 1979

201.)  Baby's
          Eddie Money
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
           July 16, 1979

  Stayed outside for the first band, 2nd time seeing Eddie, $2.50 orchestra seat.

202.)  Other Side of the Road Band
           Arlo Guthrie
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival
           July 21, 1979

          Watched the show from the rocks, stayed for two Arlo tunes,
             because of the next show having tickets for.

203.)  Atlanta Rhythm Section
          Allman Brothers Band
         Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          July 21, 1979
    Bonnie Bramlett came onstage and jammed with the band, as well as a guitarist from ARS.

204.)  Johnny Winter
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          July 27, 1979

205.)  James Taylor
          Free concert in Central park
          July 31, 1979

206.)  Waylors
           Crickets (Buddy Holly's old band.)
          Waylon Jennings
          St. James Theatre, NYC
          August 1, 1979

207.)  Kinderhook, Windfall, Leroux, Fandango
          Pete Rowan and the Wild Stallions
          Dirt Band
          Vernon Valley Show Down
          Pure Prairie League
          August 12, 1979

208.)  Dean Freidman
          David Bromberg w/ Phoebe Snow
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 15, 1979
          4th time for Mr. Bromberg

209.)  Talking Heads
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 16, 1979

210.)   Dixie Dregs
           Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival
           August 22, 1979

211.)  Cars
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
         August 24, 1975

212.)  Canned Heat, John Sebastian
          Rick Danko & Paul Butterfield & Friends
           Johnny Winter, Stephen Stills Band, Jorma Kaukonen
                       Woodstock Two, Reunion Concert
                   Parr Meadows, Brookhaven, New York
                   September 8, 1979

    Going Up the Country had to be played twice.

213.)  Who
           Madison Square Gardens, NYC
           September 14, 1979

214.)  Ego
          Edgar Winter Group w/ Vinnie Corisano on guitar.
          Fountain Casino
           September 20, 1979
         Vinnie would later become Vinnie Vincent

215.) Bonnie Bramlett, Gil Scott Heron, Joy Rider & the Avis Davis Band
          John Hall, Jane Fonda, Carly Simon, James Taylor, Jesse Colin Young
         Crosby, Stills & Nash, Jackson Browne
             Anti Nukes Rally, Battery Park, free event
            September 23, 1979

216.) Crazy Chester Band
         New Riders of the Purple Sage
         Monmouth Art Center, Red Bank
         September 29, 1979

217.)  Good Rats
           Zaffy's (Wherever that was ???), Piscataway, New Jersey
           ( Thank You Jan, for letting me know where this hangout was. )
           October 5, 1979

218.)  Winter Brothers
           Charlie Daniels band
          Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey
           October 20, 1979
            7th time seeing Mr. Daniels

219.)  Danny Dumont
           Fleetwood Mac
           Madison Square Gardens, NYC
           November 15, 1979
           2nd time - FM

220.)  Good Rats
          At Zaffy's, Piscataway, New Jersey
          November 21, 1979
          Found bra on floor, threw onstage, Peppi wore it on head.

221.)  Rory Gallagher
          Jefferson Starship
          Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ
          November 23, 1979

222.)  The 80's
           Robert Gordon
           The Showplace in Dover, NJ
           November 29, 1979


223.)  Sea Level
           Forest Lodge, North Brunswick, New Jersey
           January 31, 1980

           The band consisted of ex Allman Brothers members.

224.)  Rockets
          The Outlaws
           Rutgers Athletic Center
           February 16, 1980

225.)  The Dots
          Jayne County
          Max's Kansas City, NYC
          March 8, 1980

226.)  Good Rats
          Fountain Casino
          March 13, 1980

227.)  Plasmatics
          Fountain Casino
          March 17, 1980

228.)  Good Rats
          Zaffy's, Piscataway, New Jersey
          March 28, 1980

229.) Dirk Hamilton
        Warren Zevon
        Rutger's College Gym
        April 14, 1980
        Third row seats with Susan V. Caught his towel ...

230.) Shooting Star
         Robin Trower
         Capitol Theatre, Passaic, NJ
         April 19, 1980

231.) Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
          Rutgers Athletic Center
          April 26, 1980
          FZ - 7th show

232.)  Z. Z. Top
          Capitol Theatre, Passaic
          May 4, 1980

          2nd time saw the band.

233.) Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
         Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
          May 10, 1980

    It was the Late Show, 8th FZ show I've been to. Deathless Horsie was the opener.

234.)   Warren Zevon
          Fountain Casino
          May 12, 1980

235.) Ramones
         Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ
          June 6, 1980

236.)  Henry Paul Band
          Allman Brothers Band
          Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ
          ABB - 4th

         Henry was an Outlaw at one time.

237.) Humble Pie
         Z. Z. Top
        Allentown Fairgrounds, Pennsylvania
        July 13, 1980

ZZT - 3rd played 2 1/2 hours, HP was on for a half hour.

238.)  Elektrics
          Fast Lane, Asbury Park, NJ
          July 15, 1980
        ( formerly the band called The 80's.) - 4th time

239.) Pat Benatar
         Eddie Money
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
         July 25, 1980

     Stayed outside for Pat, watching from the rocks.
     3rd show of Eddie's I've been to.

240.) Johnny Winter
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
         July 30, 1980

        7th show, watched from the rocks.

241.)  Glenn Hirsch - comedian
          Melissa Manchester
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
           August 13, 1980

I was on Main St., Rahway earlier when this couple in a van asked me if I wanted tickets to the show.
They could not make it, I went giving two away.

242.)  Elektrics
          The Showplace in Dover, NJ
           August 16, 1980

243.) David Bromberg Band
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
         August 22, 1980
        $1.00 for the ticket, 5th time seeing Bromberg.

244.)  Stephen Stills
          The Pretenders (w/ Chris Spedding (Blondie) as guest.)
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
         August 28, 1980
         Stills - 4th time, $2.00 ticket.

245.)  Elton John
          Central Park, New York City
         September 13, 1980
         3rd time, free show.

246.)  Poco
          Charlie Daniels Band
         New Jersey State Fairgrounds
         September 14, 1980
         Poco - 4th, CDB - 8th

247.)  Blotto
          The Shirts
          West Orange, New Jersey
          October 5, 1980, free show

248.)  Jeff Beck Group
          Capitol Theatre, Passaic, New Jersey
          October 7, 1980
          2nd time seeing JB

249.)  Frank Zappa
          The Palladium, 14th Street, NYC
          October 31, 1980 Halloween
          FZ -9th

250.)  New Riders of the Purple Sage
          At the El Greco ( Does anyone remember where this place was ??? )
          ( answer - Jan says that it was located on Laurelton Circle, Brick, NJ )
           November 9, 1980
            NRPS - 9 th show

251.) Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street band
          Madison Square gardens, NYC
         November, Thanksgiving Day, 1980
         BS - 2nd time

252.)  Good Rats
          At the Fountain Casino, North Brunswick, NJ
           December 11, 1980
          I think this is where they had a new guitarist. GR- 7th

253.)  Roy Buchanan
          Ronnie Montrose with Gamma
          Johnny Winter Band
          Capitol Theatre, Dover
          February 27, 1981
         RB- 1st and only, RM - 4th his band with Sammy Hagar, JW - 8th

254.)  James Cotton Band with guest Johnny Winter
          Muddy Waters Blues Band
          Beacon Theatre, NYC
          March 28, 1981
          JW - 9th, MW - 3rd

255.)  Frank Zappa, Host of the show
         Orchestra of Our Time, a Tribute to Edgar Varesse
         Beacon Theatre, NYC
         Good Friday, 1981
         FZ - 10th

256.)  Jools Holland and His Millionaires
           Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
           X. T. C.
           The Palladium, 14th Street, NYC
           April 18, 1981

257.)  Motor Head, featuring Lemmy on bass.
          Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard of Oz, with Randi Rhoades
          Capitol Theatre, Dover
          April 21, 1981

258.)  Shabu All Stars, featuring Matt "Guitar" Murphy
          Soupy Sales
         The Caberet Savoy, NYC
         May 2, 1981

259.)  Pat Travers Band
          Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
          Capitol Theatre, Dover
         May 8, 1981
         RB - 2nd time.

260.) Molly Hatchet
         Allman Brothers Band
         Marshall Tucker Band
         J. F. K. Stadium, Philadelphia
        June 20, 1981
        MH - 2nd, ABB - 5th, O - 6th, MTB - 5th

261.)  Harry Chapin
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
          June 24, 1981
  This was my first and last time seeing Harry, as this would be his very last performance ever.

262.)  The Dregs
          Jefferson Starship
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
          June 27, 1981
        J S or whatever their name used to have been - 4th time,
       the Dregs were formerly the Dixie Dregs - 2nd time

263.)  Loverboy
          Z. Z. Top
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
           June 30, 1981
           ZZT - 4th

264.) Jorma Kaukonen and Vital parts
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
          July 1st, 1981
             JK - 5th

265.)  Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band
           Meadowlands, New Jersey
           July 5, 1981 - 3rd time

266.) Gary U. S. Bonds
         South Mountain Music Festival, West Orange, NJ
         July 7, 1981
         Santana - 2nd time

267.)  Robin Lane and the Chart Busters
          Gary U. S. Bonds, encore with Ian Hunter
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
          July 10, 1981

268.) R. E. O. Speed Wagon
         Madison Square Gardens, NYC
         July 10, 1981 - 2nd time

269.)  Jeff Lorber Fusion
           The Stanley Clarke and George Duke Project
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
           July 15, 1981

270.) Elixir
         Swollen Monkeys
         Grandmothers of Invention
         Irving Plaza, Club 57, NYC
         July 18, 1981

271.)  Pete Rowan
          David Bromberg
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
          August 5, 1981
           DB - 6th

272.)  Elektrics
          South Plainfield, NJ
          August 6, 1981 - 6th time

273.)  Ice House
          Convention Hall, Asbury Park
           August 8, 1981

            Tubes - 2nd

274.)   Arlo Guthrie and Shenandoah
            Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
             August 15, 1981 - 2nd time

275.)  Edgar Winter Band
          The Fountain Casino
           August 16, 1981

276.)  Willie Dixon and Sonny Terry
            Johnny Winter Group
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
             August 19, 1981

               JW - 10th

277.)   Alice Cooper and Special Forces
             Fountain Casino
             August 24, 1981 - 3rd time

            Mike Pinera was in the band

278.)   Molly Hatchet
            Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
            August 28, 1981 - 3rd time

279.)  Lesley West Band, with Corky Laing
           Ian Hunter
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival, NYC
           September 11, 1981

           LW - 4th,  IH - 2nd

280.)  Simon and Garfunkel
           Central Park, NYC
           September 19, 1981 - free show

I actually touched the stage and was up close stage left for the entire show. I lost whoever I went with and ended up by this tough hippie type guy who threatened anyone and everyone who stood up in front of him. I was allowed to stand next to him as long as I kept lighting up. Of which I did not mind. So there we were, in boots, denim, long hair and standing in an area of yuppies who just sat where they were. He sang too, awfully along with most of the songs that night. Still I no mind.
Mom loved this story, tho' I did leave out the obvious parts, she did appreciate the singing part of the story.

281.)   The Excilerations
            Mink Deville
             Savoy, NYC
           September 26, 1981

282.)  Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
          The Palladium
          October 29, 1981 - 11th

283.)  Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
          The Palladium
            Halloween, 1981 - 12th

284.)  Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention
              The Palladium
           November 1, 1981 - 13th

285.)  King Crimson
          Club Savoy, NYC
          November 6, 1981

This is the show where afterwards outside Matty and I were looking for hot pretzels and apparently the owner of the carts in the area was pissed at me where I started to quote KC's Adrian Belew's " I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress, I repeat myself when under stress". This did not please the pretzel cart owner and before anything else could happen. I instinctively took Matty's glasses as he handed them over and the two of them started rolling in the street holding up traffic and everything.

286.)  Frank Zappa and the Mothers
          The Ritz, NYC
         November 18, 1981
     FZ - 14th. Met up with Steve Vai and others with the band in the parking lot.

287.)  Guy and Pip Gillette
          Jerry Lee Lewis
         The Ritz in Elizabeth, NJ
           November 20, 1981
     Kris Kristofferson was actually there, introduced, but never performed.

288.) Bobby and the Midnites
          The Palladium, NYC
           February 4, 1982
    Bob Weir, Bobby Cochran, Billy Cobham, Matthew Kelly, Alphonso

289.)  Leo Kottke
           March 6, 1982
             R - 3rd

290.)  Cars
          Meadowlands, NJ
          March 15, 1982 - 2nd

291.) Tom Chapin and Friends
          Marshall Tucker Band
          The Ritz, Elizabeth, NJ
            MTB - 6th

292.) Jerry Garcia with John Kahn
           Beacon Theatre, NYC
              April 21, 1982 $5.00

293.) Bobby and the Midnites
           Beacon Theatre, NYC
              June 10, 1982

294.)  Joan Baez, David Hite, Jackson Browne
          Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor and John Hall.
          The Nuclear Disarmament Rally, Central Park, NYC
          June 12, 1982

   This was a show that while everyone had something political to say.
       All that Linda wanted to do was to party.

295.)  Hank Williams Jr. and the Bama Band
           The Ritz, Elizabeth, NJ
            June 12, 1982

         My brother Greg was in the audience.
         The steel guitar broke a string or two.
         Then Hank played solo slow blues numbers.
         People started leaving the auditorium.
          I got up closer, but I too would eventually walk out.

296.)   John Mayall Blues Breakers
            Beacon Theatre, NYC
             June 19, 1982

297.)  Tom Chapin
          Gordon Lightfoot
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
            June 23, 1982

          Went with Chrissie, a big fan of Gordon's.

298.)   Duke Jupiter
           June 26, 1982
         Outlaws was a four piece band at this point in history - 7th.

299.)  Joan Baez
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          June 30, 1982 - got a free ticket

300.)  The Nighthawks
            Bonnie Raitt
            Dr. Pepper Music Festival
            June 12, 1982

301.)  Prisoners
          E. S. G.
          Gang of Four
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          June 14, 1982
            GF - excellent show.

302.)  A Tribute to Harry Chapin with Tom and Steve Chapin
          Pete Seeger, The Strangers, Jethro Burns, John Prine and Yvonne
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival
            June 16, 1982 - $5.00 ticket

303.)  Miles Davis Band
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          June 17, 1982 - $10.00

304.)  Weather Report
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival
            June 19, 1982

305.)  Judy Collins
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          June 26, 1982 - 2nd

306.)  Jorma Kaukonen
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          June 28, 1982 - 6th
       There was a rain storm delay. Opener was Hesitation Blues

307.)  David Shey Show, Lester Chambers Group,
          Raybeats, John Cale, Jim carrol Band, Chris Spedding,
          Robert Gordon. Deerhunter with Ian Hunter and Todd Rundgren,
          Paul Butterfield, Al Kooper, Tim Drummond.
          Benefit for Agent Orange, Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          July 30, 1982

308.)  War
          Clarence Clemons and the Red Rockers, with Harvey Brooks on bass.
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          July 31, 1982
          War was scheduled because of a cancellation.

309.)  Alley Cats
          King Crimson
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 1, 1982
          KC - 2nd time

310.)  Al Kooper, with band
          Joe Cocker, with band
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 4, 1982

311.)  Romantics
          Greg Kihn band
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 6, 1982

312.)  Rickie Lee Jones
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 10, 1982

    Rickie actually had the nerve to sit at her piano.
    Then smoke a cigarette and talk until she was finished.
    10 piece band, rain date.

313.)  Robert Hazard and the Heroes
          Flock of Seagulls
          Blondie - 2nd time
          Elvis Costello and the Attractions
         J. F. K. Stadium, Philadelphia, Penn
         August 21, 1982

Did not stick around for most of Genesis.
As the trains home I would miss and end up staying in Trenton all night til I got mugged or worse.
Well, at least that is what I dreamt and it almost came to be if I had not been forewarned.

314.)  Henry Gross
          Greg Allman band
          Charlie Daniels Band, with gospel singers at one point
          Dr. Pepper Music Festival
          August 23, 1982     $6.00
             CDB - 9th

315.)  Axe
          Cheap Trick
           Dr. Pepper Music Festival
            August 26, 1982

316.) Curtis Lo
         Dr. Pepper Music Festival, Central Park, NYC
        August 26, 1982

317.)  Grateful Dead - 6th
          Madison Square Gardens
          September 20, 1982

318.)  Clash
          The Who
          J. F. K. Stadium, Philadelphia, Penn
          September 25, 1982

319.)  Artimus Pyle Band
          Marshall Tucker Band - 7th
          The Ritz, Elizabeth, New Jersey
          October 1, 1982

320.)  Dr. John, solo on piano
          Jerry Garcia Band
           Felt Forum at MSG
           November 11, 1982

321.) N. R. B. Q.
         George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers
        St. George Theatre, Staten Island
        November 27, 1982


322.)  Missing Persons
          At the Royal Manor
          February 2, 1983

323.) Larry Norman
         Pitman Theatre, Pitman, New Jersey
         March 26, 1983

         This was a Christian Rock concert.
          By the guy who started it all.

324.)  Grateful Dead
             with guest Stephen Stills
          Meadowlands, New Jersey
         April 24, 1983

325.)  Dion
          Union High School, Township of Union, New Jersey
          May 19, 1983 - This too a Christian concert.

326.) Doctor Demento
          Benny Bell
          Weird Al Yankovic
          Bottom Line, NYC
          May 21, 1982

  This was the first of two shows, so it was Weird Al's first NYC performance.
     The Dr. showed the Fish head video.
          I also shook hands with Bennie Bell.

327.)  Scandal
          At the Ritz in NYC
          June 11, 1983
         This was a 3:00 pm matinee show

328.)  Chicago - 2nd
           Garden State Art Center, Holmdel
           June 25, 1983

329.)  The Alarm
           Miller Time Concerts on the Pier, NYC
           June 29, 1983  Went with Debbie

330.)  The Tubes - 3rd time
           Miller Time Concerts on the Pier, NYC
           July 13, 1983

At this show I learned a lesson in photography.
I watched this guy with cameras use up most of his film at the beginning of the performance.
This was when nothing much interesting was happening, as this is a Tubes concert.
I had an instamatic camera and knew to wait.
Tho' I did take pictures during the show.
I at least had photos to take for the Big Grand Finale of the show.
While the guy with the big expensive cameras had no more film left.
He did not get the picture, I Did.

331.)  Divynals
          The Ramones
          Miller Time Concerts on the Pier, NYC - A Tribute to the Unemployed
          July 16, 1983

332.)  Tennis Rock with John McEnroe and Vitas Geralaitis
          Steve Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble
          Buddy Guy, Clarence Clemons - 5th
          Ian Hunter - 2nd, Geddy Lee and Alex Liefson of Rush - 2nd
          Bruce Brody of the Patti Smith Group
          Aerosmith - 3rd
          Miller Time Concerts on the Pier, NYC July 23, 1983

Steve Ray Vaughn's appearance was made sometime after he refused to signed a contract for a meager amount of money to tour with David Bowie. However it appeared that he had to be in New York before Bowie did three nights at MSG.
Also, this was Aerosmith's first performance together as a group after the break-up, new members to the band after several were last seen in the Joe Perry Project. This was a real treat for all of us.

333.) David Bowie
          MSG, NYC, July 23, 1983
            with Earl Slick on guitar

334.)  Rick Danko and Levon Helm
           Jorma Kaukonen
           Miller Time Concerts on the Pier
           August 3, 1983

335.)  Elvis Costello and the Attractions
          Miller Time Concerts on the Pier
          August 7, 1983

336.)  Utopia
          Miller Time Concerts on the Pier
          August 8, 1983 - 3rd time seeing.

337.) Gordon Lightfoot
         Garden State Arts Center
         August 18, 1983 - 2nd time seeing.

338.) Madness
         Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
         J. F. K. Stadium, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
         August 2, 1983
         JJ - 2nd time seeing.

339.) Bon Jovi
         Robert Plant
         Madison Square Gardens, NYC
         September 12, 1983

340.) Z. Z. Top
         Madison Square Gardens, NYC
         September 24, 1983
         5th time seeing, $13.50 a ticket.

341.) Thunder and Lighting
          Hot Tuna
          Livingston College Gym, New Brunswick, New Jersey
          October 7, 1983

This was the first show of the tour since the breakup of Hot Tuna.
It's the 4th time that I'm seeing HT and the tickets were $10.00
T and L other name was Nick Silver, but was changed by the promoter for the tour.
T and L is made up partly of former members of Quicksilver Messenger Service.
I spoke with a T and L guitarist, John Cipollina, who I last last performing with his brother in the S. F. All Stars.
I asked 'Where's your brother?" (Both were guitarists in the All Stars.) Brother Mario now a bassist.
John replied that he's making a whole mess of money with Huey Lewis and the News.

342.)  Grateful Dead
          Madison Square Gardens
          October 12, 1983
          8th time seeing.

343.) Our Daughters Wedding
         Gang of Four
         Ritz Theatre, Elizabeth, New Jersey
         November 25, 1983
This was the 2nd time that I'm seeing the Gang of Four.
Unlike the first time of which I was mightily impressed having never heard anything at all ever by them. ODW big hit was "Lawn Chairs are Everywhere"they did not perform.


344.)  Rare Silk
          Spyro Gyra
          Ritz Theatre, Elizabeth, NJ
          March 2, 1984

345.)  Steve Basset and the Soul Survivors
          Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble
          Kean College
          March 14, 1984

  A very good performance. two girls had troubles selling their extra tickets.
  I stayed outside and sold the tickets, going inside giving them the proceeds.
  Stevie blew us all away with an encore of his version of Hendrix's Voodoo Child.

346.)  The Dr. Demento Show
           With Weird Al Yankovic
           Bottom Line, New York City
           March 15, 1984

347.)  Willie Nelson and Family
          With guest Paul Butterfield
          Radio City Music Hall, NYC
          May 24, 1984
          WN - 3rd time

348. Spencer Davis Group
        Blue Cheer
        May 31, 1984
        Lone Star Cafe, NYC
        May 31, 1984

     BC had a new guitarist, same rhythm section.
     Their version of Summer Time Blues was my absolute first 45 rpm ever.
       Tho' they did not perform that song.

349.) Billy Joel
         Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          June 27, 1984

  A funny thing happen on my way to the King Crimson performance on the pier.
   I never made it.
     I never left the block after getting off the train to NYC.
 On the train I saw all these clean-cut types, some in high school jackets all going to a show.
   What show I thought to myself could they possibly be going to ???
      I did not have tickets for either show, but did end up with one in heaven for BJ.
         Real cheap too.

350.) Spanky McFarland
         Gary Puckett and the Union Gap
         The Association, Flo and Eddie, Three Dog Night
         Miller Time Concerts on the Pier, NYC
         July 25, 1984
         Spanky opened up the show with Dancing in the Streets.
         TDN - 2nd time.

351.) Greg Allman Band
         Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble
         Miller Time Concerts on the Pier
         August 1, 1984

This was my third time seeing Stevie who actually may have been billed as Steve.
It must have not been a good night for him.
He tired of the crowd quickly, those who were calling out for Voodoo Child.
So he performed it second, thus shutting them up and some of them soon leaving the show.

352.) Frank Zappa
         Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey
         August 13, 1984
         15th time.

353.) Frank Zappa
         Miller Time Concerts on the Pier
         August 25, 1984
         16th time.

354.) Frank Zappa
         Miller Time Concerts on the Pier
         August 26, 1984
        17th time. Deathless Horsie was performed, my favorite FZ song.

355.) Missing Persons
         Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey
         August 31, 1984
         First Show. Terry's electronic drum set conked out on him.

356.) Missing Persons
         Great Adventure, Jackson, New Jersey
         August 31, 1984
     Second Show. This time Terry's electronic drum set did not conk out on him.

357.) Frank Zappa
         Felt Forum
         Halloween Show, October 31, 1984
         First Show - 18th time seeing FZ

358.) Frank Zappa
         Felt Forum
         Halloween Show, October 31, 1984
        Second Show - 19th time seeing FZ

359.) Frank Zappa
        Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
        November 10, 1984
        First Show - 20th

360.) Frank Zappa
         Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
         November 10, 1984
        Second Show - 21st time seeing FZ


361.)  Deep Purple
          The Meadowlands
          March 25, 1985
          2nd time.

362.)  The Firm
           Les Paul, as introduced by the band.
          The Meadowlands
          March 25, 1985

363.)  The Happy Together Tour 85
          Gary Lewis and the Playboys
          Tommy James, Grassroots
          Miller Time Concerts on the Pier
          July 16, 1985

364.)  Nicolette Larson
          Neil Young and the International Harvesters
          Garden State Arts Center
          September 9, 1985


365.)  Hot Tuna
          With Joey Vallentine on acoustic bass
          Miller Time Concerts on the Pier.
           August ???, 1986

366.) Cinderella
          David Lee Roth
          Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          October 4, 1986

367.) Youssou N'Dour
          Peter Gabriel
          Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          December 1, 1986

          I did not fall asleep fast enough during PG's performance.


368.) Del Fuegos
         Georgia Satellites
         Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers
         Garden State Arts Center
         July 11, 1987

369.)  Grassroots
          Byrds, Herman's Hermits
          Mark Lindsay, Flo and Eddie and the Turtles
         Tommy James and the New Shondells
         Garden State Arts Center
         August 22, 1987

370.)  T. N. T.
          At the Felt Forum, MSG in NYC
          August 28, 1987
      Stryper was Christian Heavy Metal, tossing out Bibles into the crowd.

371.) David Bowie
         With Peter Frampton as a member of his band.
          Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          September 1, 1987

372.)  Little Stephen and His Disciples of Soul
           Giants Stadium
            September 14, 1987

    2nd time - U2,
   spoke briefly with Stephen who just so happened to be at the outdoor concession stands.

373.) Pink Floyd
           October 12, 1987

   2nd time, the band still had those pig balloons from a previous tour.
   Just not the same without Roger.

374.)  Fairport Convention
          Jethro Tull
          November 22, 1987
          3rd time - JT


375.) P. D. Q. Bach
         Peter Schickele and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
        With Amy Kaiser conducting the orchestra, or at the very least attempting to.
        The Ritz Theater, Elizabeth, New Jersey
         January 10, 1988

376.)  Sting
          Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          February 3, 1988

   Forced to go, thus missing a Zappa show at the Beacon.
   To this very day Matty still has the extra ticket, very close to the stage.
    The three women that I went with were fukkin' pains.
    Donna, Debbie and Nina Hard Body being the biggest jerk off of them all.
    Our seats were on the floor, all the way in the back.
     I ended up walking out, but during the encore.
    Next time I will be much more diligent in my efforts.

377.) Frank Zappa
         Beacon Theatre, NYC
         February 5, 1988
         FZ - 22nd.

378.) Frank Zappa
         Beacon Theatre, NYC
         February 6, 1988
         FZ - 23nd.

Frank brought out onstage all his children, with the youngest doing a cartwheel across the stage.

379.)  Frank Zappa
          Tower Theatre, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania
            February 12, 1988
            FZ - 24th

380.)  Frank Zappa
           Orpheum Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts
           February 20, 1988
           FZ - 25th

Having learned my lesson I knew how to handle going to this show.
I left a message on the answering machine for Debbie that I was going to the show.
Three travelers by fossil fueled device, the Caveman, Don Knotts and the Leprechaun.

381.)  Frank Zappa
           Mulhenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania
          March 19, 1988
          FZ - 26th
          Almost got to assist with the loading of the band's equipment.

382.)  Frank Zappa
          Rothman Center, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Hackensack, New Jersey
          March 20, 1988
          FZ - 27th

 The madness continues. I was at one point pushing for the Cleveland, Ohio performance.
          There were no takers.

383.)  Frank Zappa
          with Dweezil Zappa, Eric Butz
          Nassau Collllisseum, Long Island
           March 24, 1988

FZ - 28th, this was the last show in America before heading off to Europe.
The band broke up in Europe all because of the drummer fighting with the bassist.
Never coming back to the states for the final leg of the bands' tour.
By this time the band was performing a ballet and two orchestra pieces.
It was a wonderful experience to watch this band grow musically.
A sad note. Matty & I had a quest as to which of us would see more Zappa performances than the other.
One day while he was gardening I walked up to him and said, "Well it looks like that I won".
I did not say it in a mean way, for Frank Zappa had passed away.
About two years later Matty formed a band called Dog Breath.
"Dog Breath is Better than No Breath at all".
I was asked to join, my contribution being Big Leg Emma.
There are about 40 hours of rehearsals on video tape.
We played one show in Carteret on a Good Friday, then broke up.
Later a reunion, at place in Highland Park.
An unforgettable performance with puke to go, all on secret video tape.

384.)  Monsters of Rock Tour
           Kingdom Come, Metallica
           Dokken, Scorpions
           Van Halen
           Giants Stadium
           June 26, 1988

Went with Don Knotts, arriving to hear the final strains of Guns and Roses.
    During the Scorpions performance I learned a lesson.
That the seats around row #23 in the first level above the field are in a "Drop Zone".
Being that anything tossed from the upper seats are going to land in this area.
Which is exactly what happened.
I was in lower heaven when a used condom from upper heaven landed next to me.
I saw someone in the front of the upper tier dump their vanilla shake onto those below.
A wave of trash being dumped from above ensued, from one end of the stadium to the other.
People below were running from their seats for cover.
Then the used condom was picked up with a paper wrapper around then tossed that overboard.
But I did hold onto a glass beer bottle from going overboard.

385.)  Ray Sawyer of Dr. Hook
          Rare Earth
          Guess Who (only the singer was once a member of the original band.)
          Mark Farner of Grand Funk Railroad
          Bachman Turner Overdrive
          at some College located in Brooklyn
          July 21, 1988

   BTO - all original lineup, a real treat for us all. Free Show.
             Was supposed to be at some field, but due to rains held at a college.
             Would anyone know where ???
              Hint - it was where years later the stage equipment hit Curtis Mayfield
             A local elected official hosted these shows.

386.) Deep Purple
         Giants Stadium
         August 16, 1988

        DP - 3rd, A - 4th

387.) Joe Satriani
         Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble
         Pier 86, NYC
         August 20, 1988

388.)  Santana
          Pier 86, NYC
          September ?, 1988


389.)  Crystal Gayle and Band
           with Blue Jay, sister Peggy Sue, and her kids.
            Union County Arts Center, Rahway, NJ
              June 28, 1989

390.)  The Who
           Giants Stadium
            June 30th, 1989

391.)  The Who
           Giants Stadium
           July 2, 1989

392.) Ringo Starr and his All Star Band
          Featuring Dr. John, Billy Preston, Rick Danko, Joe Walsh
          Nils Lofgren, Levon Helm, Jim Keltner and Clarence Clemons.
         With special guests - Bruce Springsteen, Ray Bittan
         Max Weinberg, John Candy and Zack Starr.
         Garden State Arts Center
          August 5, 1989
         John Candy was sitting in the cheap seats, a couple rows ahead of us.
          They called him to come onstage.

393.)  Savoy Brown
          Ice Nine, Matrix
          Woodstock 20th Anniversary Concert, Bethel, New York
           August 19, 1989

These concerts were a well kept secret, and free as well.
I knew about them, because my parents lived in the area, 14.2 miles away to be exact.
Mom would say to come visit them first. But the site was 14.2 miles before them.
I went to the show, got all muddied and went visiting to give mom a big hug.

394.)  Bo Diddley and the Joe Satten Band
           Central Park Band Shell
           September 2, 1989
            Free Show

 I remember that Bo would not start the show until the big cameras were shut off.

395.) Living Colour
          Mars and Mars African Dance Troupe
         Rolling Stones
         Shea Stadium, NYC
         October 25, 1989

        Seats in the field, kind of close to the stage.

396.) Grateful Dead
         Meadowlands Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
         October 25, 1989

397.)  Living Colour
          Mars and Mars African Dance Troupe
          Rolling Stones
          Shea Stadium, NYC
          October 26, 1989

          Seats in the stands.
          Did you know that the stadium has shock absorbers built into it ???

398.) Hungerthon Benefit at the United Nations
          David Bromberg and Band, Graham Parker, Ten Years After, Southside Johnny
          Graham Nash introducing Jack and Jorma of Hot Tuna, and Ricki Lee Jones
          United Nations, NYC
          November 18, 1989

399.)  Paul McCartney
          Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          December 16, 1989

400.)  Whitesnake
          With Steve Vai on lead guitar.
          Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, NY
          February 16, 1990

401.)  Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman and Howe
          Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          March 23, 1990

402.) Earth Day Festival
         John Eddie
         Southside Johnnie and the Jimmy Vivino Band
         Joe Walsh, Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians
         Hall and Oates
         Liberty State Park, Jersey City
         April 22, 1990 - Free Show
      I think we booed the Governor Florio, does anyone remember anything.

403.) Kim and Reggie Harris
         Don McLean with John La Padding
         Union County Arts Center
         May 19, 1990

404.) Incredible Casuals
         Paul Revere and the Raiders
              with special guest Keith Allison on guitar
         The Lone Star Road House, New York City
           June 8, 1990

     This was the Raiders first ever performance in New York City, ever.
         I got a few guitar picks and Keith Allison's autograph.

405.) Blackfoot
         Ten Years After
         Waterloo Village, New Jersey
         June 29, 1990

        2nd time for Nazareth, third for TYA, 4th for Alvin lee.
        I could not stand at all for TYA and Matty mocks me to this day for that.

406.)  David Byrne and Rei Momo
          Featuring Milton Cardona and Margareth Menezes
          Central Park Summer Stage
          July 4, 1991 - Free Show

407.)  Stevie Ray Vaughn and Double Trouble
           Joe Cocker
          Garden State Art Center, Holmdel, NJ
           July 7, 1990

           The 5th and the last time seeing Stevie.
           This time he had a keyboardist.
           Went to the show with Gomes.

408.)  Joe Satriani
          David Bowie
          Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey
          July 29, 1990

          Adrian Belew was in Bowie's band.
         First Set - Space Oddity, Rebel Rebel, Ashes to Ashes, Fashion, Life on Mars,
        Take it to the Heart, guitar solo,
        Stay, Blue Jeans, and Let's Dance. Then a short intermission.
        Second Set - Sound & Vision, Ziggy Stardust, Heroes, China Girl,
        Station to Station, Young American, Suffragette City, and Fame 90.
         Encores - Changes, Panic in Detroit and White Light.

         Joe's band performed - I Believe and But I Like It,
             plus others instrumentals as well as a harmonica solo.

409.)  Robert Fripp and His League of Crafty Guitarists
           Central Park Summer Stage, NYC - Free
           August 4, 1990

          The band was mostly students from his guitar class.

410.)  John Mayall's Blues Breakers
                                with Freebo on bass.
          Asbury Park beach, sponsored by WNEW-FM - Free
          August 5, 1990

411.)  Bruce Hornsby
          Red House
          Dave Bearwall
         Asbury Park Beach - Free
         September 1, 1990

412.)  Yes Reunion Tour
           Meadowland Arena
           April 14, 1991 - Sunday

413.)  John Eddie
           David Sharp & His Earth Day Barn Stormers
            Julie Gold
          Eddie Brigatti's Rascals w/ David Brigatti
          South Side Johnnie with the Jimmy Vivino Band
           w/ Harvey Brooks on bass and Max Weinberg on drums.
           Joe Walsh with Rick the bass player.
             Flo and  Eddie
           Garden State Arts Center
           April 21, 1991

414.)  Dweezil Zappa
          w/ Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes and Ahmet Zappa
           Fast Lane, Asbury Park, New Jersey
           May 25, 1991

          At the end of the show I did talk with Gail Zappa about stuff.

415.)  The Lost
          The Bodeans
           WNEW-FM Concerts on the Beach - Asbury Park
           May 26, 1991 - Free

416.)  Birdland
          The Fast Lane, Asbury Park
           July 10, 1991

417.)  Lolapalooza Tour
          Rollins Band (Henry Rollins)
          Butthole Surfers, Nine Inch Nails
          Ice Tea and Body Count, Living Colour
          Souixie and the Banshees
          Janes Addiction
          At Waterloo Village
          August 14, 1991

    This was show #2, Souixie was not at show #1.
    Was up close to the stage.
     Body Count performed the infamous Cop Killer.
     A song that I never heard the likes of ever.

418.)  Paul Simon
          Central Park, NYC - Free Show
          August 15, 1991
          PS - 3rd time seeing.

419.)  Grateful Dead
          w/ Vince from The Tubes on keyboards.
          Madison Square gardens, NYC
          September 16, 1991

420.)  Candy Skins
          Beacon Theatre, NYC
         October 17, 1991

421.) Zappa's Universe
         Orchestra of Our Time
         w/ Paul Sperry, Milagro Vargas, Joel Thome
         Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Mats Oberg, Morgan Agren
         Persuasions, Rockapella, Maureen McNalley, Lorin Hollander
         Dale Bozzio, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Moon Unit Zappa and Glen Buxton
         The Ritz - NYC
          November 7, 1991

   A bunch of us bought tickets and real excellent seats.
   On my left was Kenny the keyboard / drummer for Dogbreath.
   On my right was some rich old woman.
   At one part of the performance, during an orchestra piece written by Frank Zappa,
   the woman asks me what the name of the song being performed was.
   I motioned that I did not know but that I will find out.
   So I asked Kenny just what was the name of the song.
   Kenny said, "I Promise Not to Cum in Your Mouth".
   I said to the woman, "I Promise Not to Cum in Your Mouth".
   She replied, "Oh." "Thank You".

422.)  Zappa's Universe
         Orchestra of Our Time
         w/ Paul Sperry, Milagro Vargas, Joel Thome, Warren DiMartini
         Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Mats Oberg, Morgan Agren
        Persuasions, Rockapella, Maureen McNalley, Lorin Hollander
        Dale Bozzio, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Moon Unit Zappa and Glen Buxton
        The Ritz - NYC
        November 9, 1991

423.)  Zappa's Universe
          Orchestra of Our Time
       w/ Paul Sperry, Milagro Vargas, Joel Thome, Warren DiMartini
      Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Mats Oberg, Morgan Agren
      Persuasions, Rockapella, Maureen McNalley, Lorin Hollander
      Dale Bozzio, Steve Vai, Dweezil Zappa, Moon Unit Zappa & Glen Buxton
       Penn Gillette and Denny Walley
      The Ritz - NYC
       November 10, 1991

         After the show I did talk with Denny Walley, about his slide guitar.

424.)  Luna Chicks
         The Ritz - NYC
          December 29, 1991


425.)  Judy Bats
          Matthew Sweet
          Robin Hitchcock snd the Egyptians
          The Ritz - NYC
           February 7, 1992

426.) Wonderstuff
          Souixie and the Banshees
          Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, New Jersey
          February 21, 1992

427.) Uncle Green
         Matthew Sweet
         Fast Lane II, Asbury Park, New Jersey
         April 4, 1992

428.)  Blind Melon
          B. A. D. II
         The Ritz - NYC
          April 21, 1992

          B. A. D. II was someone from the Clash
          They had a lot of pre-recorded audio pieces as part of the show.

429.) Kracker
         Stray Cats
        Asbury Park Beach
        April 23, 1992

        Of the Smithereens -
       Was this the first time I was seeing ex-school mates of mine ???

430.)  Genesis
           Giants Stadium
            June 3, 1992

         2nd time, this time I did not walk out.

431.)  Weird Al Yankovic
           Ritz - NYC
           July 11, 1992
            3rd time seeing.

432.)  Material Issue
           w/ special appearance by Jim Babjak of the Smithereens
           At the Club House, Plainfield, New Jersey
         Apparently I did not write down the date.
         The floor sagged and in the middle looked like piss / beer had gathered.

433.)  U. 2.
          Giants Stadium
          August 11, 1992
           3rd time seeing,
           After the show was the infamous "hair-pulling" incident,
           while driving to a turnpike toll booth.

       000.) August 15, 1992, on a farm 20 miles above Bethel, New York.

This is not a concert, but maybe worth mentioning.
Every year about this time the Rainbow Family would host Woodstock reunions at their farm,
or at the concert site across the street. This time of the year would be of a pilgrimage for me.
Just to visit my parents and to get all muddied and everything. Though this was an exception.
The woman who owned the concert site decided that this year there would be no reunion concert.
She had in place two bulldozers in such a manner that blocked the road leading to the site.
Later that evening we would learn that the two dozers would later be torched.
Instead the Rainbow Family hosted the concert at a farm somewhere north of Bethel, not to far.
No one famous that I know of showed up, but it was opened to all.
After opening the show with three songs, Blue Suede Shoes being the third,
the host opened it up to those in attendance that early morning.
Me being the first to go on stage from those just waking up.
Strapping on the guitar I told him that I only have one song. He said that I have more.
No, I only have one. I introduced myself, explained that I could not find my written speech.
About environmental injustices and all that, this all while playing the intro to the song.
( A song that I promised that I would never take credit for writing.
A song that took almost twenty years to get done, through re-writes.
A song started out on an August 1974 day, while threatening to jump for joy,
while standing atop the roof of Dick Stewart's Chevy Impala.
I played it once on cable TV as a filler for my old environmental program, entitled -
The Union County Solid Waste TV Program.
Yes I had a video camera at the concert rolling for this one.
Maybe one day I will provide the lyrics, it is a traditional, cannot be copy righted.
I had promised that no money would ever be made from it.
It's basically a blues pattern, getting high, red-hot women, driving and it has in it -
part of the postman's motto in it to boot. But I digress. )

I said what I had to say, sang the song to about 500 in attendance and that was that.
Later those in attendance would tell me that I was the best thing that happened to this concert.

434.) The Marvels
         The Whirling Dervishes
          Fast Lane II, Asbury Park, New Jersey
          September 4, 1992

435.) Dramarama
         Fast Lane II
         September 5, 1992

436.)  Susan Rhattigan and the Uptown Horns
          The New Riders of the Purple Sage ( a trio this time )
          Al Kooper with Jimmy Vivino
          Marty Balin, Roger McGuinn
          Jefferson Starship Next Generation
                w/ Papa John Creach
           Central Park, NYC
          September 12, 1992 ?

437.)  Mucky Pup
           Carter and the Unstoppable Sex Machine
           Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey
           October ?, 1992

        C and USS was two guitarists and some sound device.
         This was Matty's idea to go, of course I walked out.

438.) Smithereens
         Kenny's Castaways, NYC
         December ?, 1992
            2nd time.


439.)  Spinners
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
          January 16, 1993

440.) Zappa's Universe
         Avery Fisher Hall, New York, City
         February 28, 1993

        Have not been here in awhile.
        Linda the home town model was at this performance.

441.) Black 49
         Jorma Kaukonen
         Asbury Park Beach - Free Show sponsored by WNEW-FM
         May 29, 1993

         During B49 I was holding up a sign
        Of another radio station that played the band a lot, and first.
          DJ Pat St. John confronted and was pissed off at me.
           So What !!!

442.) Whirling Dervishes
          Stone Pony, Asbury Park
            June 18, 1993

443.)  Concerts For the Environment
           Hot House Flowers
            Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers
            Midnight Oil
            Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey
           August 20, 1993

   A free show to the environmentalists who volunteered their time,
   To hand out literature at the end of the show.
    Arranged by Madeline Hoffman of the Grass Roots Environmental Organization.

444.)  Blind Melon
          Neil Young and Booker T. and the M. G. 's
          Garden State Arts Center (PNC)
           August 22, 1993


445.)  Melanie
           Bethel 94 Summer of Love
           New York State at the site of the Woodstock Concert
           August 16, 1994

446.)  Kings X
           Sheryl Crow,  Collective Soul
           Candle Box
          Woodstock II
         August 19, 1994 - Friday Show

447.)  Joe Cocker
          Cranberries, Vinx,  Zucchero
        Youssou N' Dour,  The Band with Roger McGuinn
         Hot Tuna with Jorma and Jack
         Bruce Hornsby with Bob Weir and Rob Wasserman
         Primus,  Salt "N" Pepa
          Metallica, Aerosmith
        Woodstock II
        August 20, 1994 - Saturday

  Walked out on Aerosmith when it started raining.
Steve was up there, top hat and all screaming away while we froze, got all wet and froze some more.
New York State Police would not allow us back for the Sunday show

   I will write about this in detail, all the legal stuff and all
      Even the stuff about the a-hole promoter Scher
       And of how I almost f-boo-ed him legally
       I have the documents to prove it
    That is until that Spitzer got elected
        Just remind me - Thanks


448.)  David Peal
          Woodstock 26th Anniversary
          August 12, 1995 - Free
   The infamous Pie Man was there, I do have photos.
   (I just think that it sucks with the amount of time between concerts, for me.)

449.)  The Nixons
          The Toadies
       We Care About New York, Inc. Celebration Block Party
       Madison and 46th. Street, sponsored by Q 104.3 FM
         August 27, 1995 - Free Show

450.)  Nine Inch Nails
          David Bowie
          Meadowlands Arena
          September 27, 1995


451.)    Four Bitchin Babes ; featuring.....
               Debi Smith
              Sally Fingerett
             Camille West
             Megan McDonough
       At the Outpost in the Burbs, Montclair, New Jersey
             May 31, 1996


452.)     Richie Havens
           At Mount Tabor Tabernacle
                 ???? 1997

453.)    Grand Funk Rail Road
           Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, New Jersey
              Halloween, 1997


454.)  Four Bitchin Babes ; featuring. ......
           Debi Smith, Sally Fingerett
           Camille West, Megan McDonough
          Outpost in the Burbs, Montclair
          March 13, 1998 - full moon that evening.

455.)   Judy Collins
           Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
            March 28, 1998
           JC - 3rd time seeing.

456.)    Arlo Guthrie
           with his son Abe Guthrie
           Mount Tabor, New Jersey
           June 6, 1998

 Outside the venue, at the church that seats about 400 there were vending tables set up.
 I knew the promoter of the show through an acquaintance at the time.
 Aside from the ticket booth, soda and chips stand run by the locals,
 there was the t-shirt, CD, bumpers stickers and seeds being sold by Arlo's people.
 Now this church is next to a park, surrounded by the old style homes around it.
 I look at a t-shirt, of the Great Litter Bug Incident.
 It has on it the red micro van, the route taken to dump the garbage and all that.
 I look at the shirt and say "So He Was a Litterbug, I Bust Litterbugs for a Living, I". ...
 I never did get to finish what I was saying, because. ..........
 I look up and there about ten feet away is Arlo Guthrie.
 He's all standing there, looking up, making like he never heard me, ( la la la.)
 Quite comical but I was almost embarrassed.
 As he was going into the venue I did get to say something that I never meant it like that.
 He indicated that he knew that I did not mean it that way.

 Now ladies and gentlemen, when one attends an Arlo Guthrie concert. ......
 there is absolutely no guarantee that he will perform the song that he's most noted for.
 For Alice's Restaurant is a quite rather long song, it's not even guaranteed that Arlo,
 will even perform it at on of his Thanksgiving Holiday concerts at Carnegie Hall.

 Well readers, Arlo did perform the song much to our little audience's delight.
 Then the promoter and a few others credited me and my gaff with being the reason.
   For Alice's Restaurant was not on the set list.
     Arlo just wound up being in the mood to give us all a treat.
     Thanks Arlo if you ever get to read this.

457.)  9 Days
         Gov't Mule
         Blue Oyster Cult
  W. D. H. A. F. M. sponsored event at Echo lake Park, Mountainside, New Jersey
   June 28, 1998

   Met up with Ernie M. there. Took photos of him with Warren Haynes and the bassist,
      of G. M. Then published the photos in the Elizabeth Reporter.
      That's a local paper that I doing work with.
         BOE - 2nd time.

458.)    A Day in the Garden
             Richie Havens
             Donovan,  Lou Reed
            Joni Mitchell,  Pete Townsend
            w/ Taj Mahall, and the Soul Station Gospel Choir.
            Bethel, New York
            August 15, 1998

   This was a show at the original Woodstock Concert site,
       sponsored by the new owner of the property.
  The show ended with Pete and the SSG Choir doing excerpts from Tommy.
  This was a very brief tour for his new band he mentioned, about four shows in all.

459.)   Jersey Jazz by the Lake
           Cecil Brooks II
        Pucho and the Latin Soul Brothers w/ Rick James of the Village People.
        Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra.
        Nomahegan Park, Cranford, New Jersey
        September 12, 1998, Saturday - Free Show

   Sponsored by the Union County Board of Chosen Freeholders.
   Lionel was brought to the stage by golf cart.
   The man was slow, but he sure wanted to swing all night.
    Near the end the lights were dimming on him on purpose,
   but he just kept on going and going much like the Energizer Bunny.

460.)   Jersey Jazz by the Lake
           Hudson River Rats
          Quartet Indigo with Regina Carter
          Bernard Purdie All Stars with Jimmy McGriff,
            and Jerry Germant, John Isley, Pancho Morales.
           Cornell Dupree,  David "Fat Head" Newman
         Nomahegan Park, Cranford, New Jersey
         September 13, 1998, Sunday - Free Show

   David had to have me take a photo of him with Bernard and send it to him.
       Of course I did, even published it in the Elizabeth Reporter.

461.)  Lucy Kaplansky
          Roger McGuinn
          At the Tabernacle, Mt. Tabor, New Jersey
          October 2, 1998

$22.50, General Admission, Seat 186

462.)   Arlo Guthrie
               with Tao Rodriquez
           Sarah Guthrie,  Abe Guthrie
          Pete Seeger
         Carnegie Hall, NYC
         November 27, 1998

    I thought that I was in the loge, but I was directed downstairs.
    Then I was told to go through this door near the stage.
   Then I was led up front much to my amazement.
    I had two front row, almost center stage, just slightly to the left, seats.
    I was apologizing jokingly to my friend that they were not exactly center.
    But we did have Arlo right in front of us.
    This was the 4th time that I was seeing Arlo perform.
    I did thank the promoter personally for the two seats.

463.)  John Hall
          Richie Havens
         At the Tabernacle, Mt. Tabor, New Jersey
         May 1, 1999 - Saturday

     John - 2nd time, Richie - 3rd time
     Ticket - $22.50 – General Admission – Seat 332
     Got to tell John Hall of seeing him onstage with the Allman Brothers at MSG

464.)  Skanatra
          Joan Jett and the Black Hearts
          Hoboken Street Fair - Free Show
          May 2, 1999

          Skanatra performs Frank Sinatra classics with a Ska type beat.

465.)   New Jersey Arts and Music Festival
           La Bamba and the Hub Caps
           The Samples, Booker T. and the M. G.'s
          Beau Jacque and the Zydeco Hi-Rollers
          Dr. John, Kate Campbell, Geno Delafrose
          Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes, Freedy Johnston
          The Temptations
           Out front the Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey
           June 5, 1999

466.)  New Jersey Arts and Music Festival
          Joe Grushecky, Cry, Cry, Cry with Lucy Kaplansky
          John Sebastian,  Violent Femmes
          Koko Taylor and her Blues Machine
          Los Lobos, John Hammond
         Neville Brothers,  Great Big Sea
         Out front the Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey
          June 6, 1999

  Told  J. Sebastian that I got his harmonica that he threw out at a Dr. Pepper show.

467.)   Carl Weatherby
           Robert Lockwood Jr. and his Big Band
           Blues Festival, Cedar Brook Park, Plainfield
           July 4, 1999 - Free Show
          Robert is allegedly the illegitimate son of Robert Johnson

468.)  Gary Pucket
           Union County Concerts in the Park, Echo Lake Park, Mountainside
           July 7, 1999 - Free Show - Wednesday Night

469.)  A Day in the Garden
          Country Joe McDonald with David Cohen
           Melanie with family and the Soul Saving Mass Choir
          Leslie West,  Arlo Guthrie
          Garth Hudson and Rick Danko,  Richie Havens
          C. P. R. with David Crosby and son, Johnny Winter
             Bethel, New York
             August 15, 1999

There was a rumor that if any performer here went to the rival show of the Rainbow Family,
that they would not be paid for their performance.
I think that is why Country Joe was upset.
He may have went anyway.
Melanie was there with her entire family and others on stage.
She had the balls to open her show with Jimi Hendrix's Purple Haze.
Tho' a bit more acoustic as she belted it out on her big white hollow body guitar.
It did blow us all away and we of course showed our appreciation.
The choir came out in full force for Lay Down the Candles.
Arlo seemed rather annoyed that he too was being threatened about performing next door.
I forgot his name, but David's son was the one he never knew he had.
The concert ended with Johnny Winter's Guitar Johnny.

470.)  Jersey Jazz by the Lake
          Lenny Roberts and the Crossroads Trio
          Dianne Moser's Big Band,  Blunt Force
         Groupo Yuri, The Ed Palermo Big Band
         Echo lake Park, Mountainside
         September 19, 1999 - Free - Sunday

471.)  Jersey Jazz by the Lake
          The Atomic Fireballs
          Russell Gunn and Ethno Musicology
          The Alan Pasqua Trio
           with John Patituci and Peter Erskine
          The Duke Ellington Orchestra
                 conducted by Paul Mercer Ellington
          Echo lake Park, Mountainside
         September 18, 1999 - Free - Saturday

472.)  Christine Lavin
             with son Bo.
          At the Tabernacle, Mt. Tabor, New Jersey
           October 10, 1999

  Christine was an original member of the Four Bitchin babes.
Along with acoustical favorites, Christine tried some experimental electronic material.
At one point during Melanie's performance audience members were making requests.
Then came a lull, nothing, and a voice called out for "Purple Haze".
( Guess Who ??? ) ( One guess only )
A couple smirks, comments such as she'll never play that.
Melanie looks at her son, he looks at her, they turn around and...
and Blew Us Away.
Later when she was signing things I asked Melanie she played Purple Haze.
"Because You asked for it".

473.)  New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
               with the 170 member Westminster Choir
                             performing Dvorak's Requiem
          New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey
           October 15, 1999

474.)  Heather ( !, replacement performer.)
          Vance Gilbert
           Graham Parker
          At the Tabernacle, Mt. Tabor, New Jersey
          October 15, 1999
          GP - 2nd time

475.)  Phil Lesh and Friends
           Bob Dylan
            with guest guitarist Charlie Sexton
           Continental Airline Arena, Meadowlands
           November 13, 1999

476.)  Arlo Guthrie
          Sarah Lee Guthrie, Abe Guthrie, Tao Rodriquez
          Carnegie hall, NYC
          November 27, 1999

477.)  Bobby Blue Bland and his Orchestra
          B. B. King and his Orchestra
          New Jersey Performing Arts Center
          December 11, 1999


478.)  Jeffrey Gaines
          Bacon Brothers
          State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey
           February 4, 2000

479.)  The Allman Brothers Band
           Beacon Theatre, NYC
           March 17, 2000

 Karen and I went and got seats in the back of the orchestra, seated next to another couple.
While I and his old lady basically danced all night, those who we went with remained like wallflowers.

480.)  John Sebastian
          Jorma Kaukonen
          with Michael Falzarano and Pete Seard
          At the Tabernacle, Mount Tabor, New Jersey
          April 8, 2000

481.)  Three Dog Night
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
          April 15, 2000

 2nd time, this time only two original lead singers. No Chuck Negron.

482.)  Seeking Homer
          Ska Na Tra
          Ronnie Spector
              with Joey Ramone waiting in the wings.
          Patti Smith
          Hoboken Arts and Music Festival
          May 7, 2000

  2nd - Ska Na Tra, a Frank Sinatra / ska tribute band.
  3rd time - Patti Smith
  A descriptive image of Joey Ramone
        would be of looking like a snake that just ate something whole.

483.)  Ringo Starr and Friends
          with Eric Carmen, Dave Edmunds
          Simon Kirke, Jack Bruce and others.
          State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey
          May 24, 2000

  Set List - It Don't Come Easy, Act Naturally, Hungry Eyes - Eric, I Hear You Knocking - Dave w/
   Jack on piano and Eric on bass and Dave on a Les Paul, Shooting Star - Simon,
  I Wanna Be Your Man, Love Me Do, Yellow Submarine, To The End - Eric,
   Go All The Way - Eric, I'm The Greatest, No No Song, Back Off Boogaloo, I Feel Free - Jack,
 All Right Now - Simon, Boys, I Knew The Bride When She Used To Rock and Roll - Dave,
  White Room - Jack, All By Myself - Eric, Photograph.
 The Encore - You're 16 and With A Little Help From My Friends ...
484.) Un - American
          The Who
                          with Zak Starkey on drums.
           PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey
           July 1, 2000  3rd - Who

485.)  Young Dubliners
           Jethro Tull
           New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey
           July 17, 2000

4th - JT, At the beginning of the show some guy was playing with a laser type pen light.
Pointing it onto the stage in the first song Ian threatened to beat up whoever it was doing that.

486.)  Johnny Maestro and the Brooklyn Bridge
          Union County Concerts in the Park, Cranford High School
           Held at the school due to the rains.
          July 19, 2000
          2nd time.

487.) Brian Wilson
          and; the Pet Sounds Symphony Orchestra
         PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey
         September 9, 2000

          Met up with Bucky from work, and his wife at the show.
Bucky was at one time a drummer for a band that recorded a few albums, later toured Europe.
  Bucky was also in the band that was asked by Bruce S to learn his new song
    Of which later Bruce performed with them in Asbury Park, NJ

488.) Jive Five Minus Two
         Vance Gilbert
         At the Minstrel Coffee House, in Essex County somewhere near the reservation.
         September 15, 2000

489.)  Sam Butera ( of the Louis Prima Band.)
           Carl Weathersby
           Morris Nanton Trio
           Sonny Rollins
           Jersey Jazz by the Lake
           September 16, 2000, Saturday

490.) Ed Palermo Big Band
          featuring Rob Paparozzi
          Caribbean Jazz Project, featuring Dave Samuels, Dave Valentin & Steve Kahn.
          John Pizzarelli Trio with Ray Kennedy on bass.
          Jersey Jazz by the Lake, Nomahegan Park, Cranford, New Jersey
          September 17, 2000, Sunday

                                   Tim Conway and Don Knotts
                                         with Louise D"uart
                           State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey
                             Saturday 7:30 pm, September 23rd, 2000

491.)  Un-American
          Wall Flower
          The Who
          Madison Square Gardens, NYC
          October 6, 2000

492.) Stanley Jordan
         The Cross Roads in Garwood, New Jersey
         October 7, 2000

         Apparently Stanley likes this place and will perform solo on various occasions

493.)  Donovan
          At the Tabernacle, Mount Tabor, New Jersey
          November 4, 2000

This was the only performance of his for a tour of North America

494.)  Rockapella
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
           October 22, 2000


495.)   Harry Belafonte
           Benefit Gala Honoring Senator Jack Sinagra
           State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey
           March 17, 2001

I have always wanted to see the man perform, though this is actually the second time I'm seeing him.
Ever since I heard that the Banana Boat Song was released on the very exact day that I was born.
Two people from where I worked at the time went to this performance. One being me.
The other being the Guest of Honor Jack Sinagra. Who was and still is the Executive Vice President.
On a whim I purchased two tickets the day before, in the 11th row on the aisle from the stage.
Without telling her where we were going I told Sue to get dressed up.
After the show she told me that she would have gotten more dressed up.
That is because mostly everyone was in suits and gowns.
The old woman sitting next to Sue was in diamonds and a mink stole.
The two of them chit-chatted quite a bit.
 Many elected officials that new me were there as well.
   We had a great time.

The next work day I brought in an extra program for the VP's secretary.
learning that only two at the job went. Him (the VP) and I.

496.)  Maureen McGovern
          John Pizzarelli Trio
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
          April 7, 2001

497.)  Willie Nelson and Family
          Union County Arts Center.
           7 rows from stage.
           April 13, 2001, Good Friday

498.)  Alvin Madison
          Steve Forbert
              with Gary ???
          Westfield High School, Westfield, NJ
          April 21, 2001

499.)  Willie Nelson and Family
          Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, New Jersey
          April 29, 2001

500.)  Skanatra
          Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes
          Hoboken Art and Music Festival, Hoboken, NJ
           May 6, 2001

501.) Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack
           Eric Clapton
              with Billy Preston, David Sancious
                      and Andy Fairweatherlow.
                    Madison Square Garden
                       June 22, 2001

502.) Clarence Clemons
          Bruce Springsteen
          Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey
          September 1, 2001, Saturday Afternoon Show

       Of the four shows performed, this was the one Bruce appeared at.

503.) Smithereens
          Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey
           September 29, 2001, Saturday

504.) Herman Hermits
         Hoboken, October 2001
         A light steady drizzle all day, Richie Havens could not make the show.
         What a snob that Peter Noone is !!!

505.) Arlo Guthrie
         Union County Arts Center, Rahway
         October 20, 2001, Saturday

506.)  Grandmothers of Invention
           Project Object
           Irving Plaza, N.Y.C.
           October 31, 2001

507.)  Kenny Rogers
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway
          November 16, 2001, 6:30 show

508.)  Arlo Guthrie,
          Symphony Orchestra, Kitty West, Carnegie Hall, NYC
          November 24, 2001

509.)  B.B. King
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway, NJ
          December 14, 2001

510.)  Ricky Skaggs with Kentucky Thunder
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway
          December 15, 2001

511.) Willie Nelson and Family
         State Theatre in New Brunswick
         January 19, 2002

512.)  Doo Wop Night 1
          Diamond Dave Somerville of the Diamonds
          Walt Maddox’s Marcells
          Shirley Alston Reeves.
          Union County Arts Center
          February 1, 2002, Friday

513.) James Brown.
         B.B. King’s in New York City
         February 2, 2002
         Susan and I went because she knows James first wife; Bea.

514.) Crosby, Still, Nash and Young,
         Tour of America, Madison Square Garden, NYC
          February 22, 2002

515.)  Joan Baez
          State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey
          March 1, 2002

516.)  David Cassidy
          Tropicana Casino and Resorts, Atlantic City
          March 9, 2002

517.) Dave Brubeck Quartet
         Union County Arts Center, Rahway
         March 22nd, 2002, Friday

   Dave kept on performing new pieces, 6 in all for us.
 I surmised that he was testing it because he had a big upcoming engagement at Carnegie hall.

518.) The Monkees, Mickey Dolenz and Davey Jones.
          At B.B. King’s Bar and Grille on 42nd Street, N.Y.C.
         April 6, 2002, Saturday 8 p.m. show

519.)  The Moody Blues
          State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey
          April 8, 2002

520.) Englebert Humperdinck
         State Theatre, New Brunswick
         April 25, 2002

521.)  The Turtles with Flo and Eddie
           B.B. Kings, New York City
           April 26, 2002

522.)  Peter Green’s Splinter Group
           B.B. King Blues Club/Grill
           April 30, 2002, Tuesday

  Former member of Fleetwood Mac, Peter wrote Black Magic Woman.
 Sat front table on left table, elbow on stage, to see all the finger action on their guitars.

523.)  Ray Charles
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway
          May 2, 2002

524.)  Rick Robbins
           Ramblin' Jack Elliott
          At the Ocean County Library in Toms River, New Jersey
          Mothers Day, Sunday May 12th, 2002
          The first show that Susan, Nick and I went together.
          Jack had to hack a cough in the middle of a song.

525.)  Village People
           K.C. and the Sunshine Band
          Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, May 28, 2002
          Susan danced all night with Mayor Joe.

526.)  Melanie,
          Watchung Arts Center, Church, Watchung, N.J.
          June 7th, 2002

527.) B.T. Express
         Rhythm and Blues in the Park, Cedar Brook Park, Plainfield, New Jersey
         June 8, 2002

528.) Susan Lucci
         On My Own, with an 18 piece orchestra.
         Montclair State College
         June 8, 2002

529.) Leon Redbone
         Backed by a four piece band, 3 horns and one bass / horns
         Free concert at Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, New Jersey
         July 14, 2002
    During a quiet part between songs, I requested "Burgers and Bones"
    The request is from a dog food commercial that he's done.
     Leon looked towards my direction stating "I Don't Think So."

530.) Down
         W. K. Andrew with Kelly Osbourne
           Drowning Pool,  P. O. D.
         Rob Zombie, System of a Down
        Ozzy Osbourne.
        Ozzfest, PNC Arts Center.
        July 20, 2002
        This was were I have a photo taken with Rob Zombie,
          telling him that my son went to school in Bradford, Mass.
          That's the town that Rob is from. He's a very nice guy.
         I asked him if he was going to KC & the Sunshine Band's
        (as performed by White Zombie) "Boogie Man", Mr. Zombie retorted "No".

531.)  Flo and Eddie and the Turtles
          Free concert at Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, New Jersey
          July 21, 2002

532.)  J.T. Taylor
          Patti Labelle
          Commerce Bank Stadium, Bridgewater, NJ
          July, 26, 2002
Patti actually had a pizza delivered to her on stage by some kid who had no clue what was up.

533.) Hall and Oates
         Free show at the Balloon Festival
          New Jersey
         July 27, 2002

534.) Barry Manilow
         PNC (penis as Barry would say) Arts Center, Holmdel
         August 3, 2002, Saturday

 This show was being recorded live, so much that he performed a song a second time.
  He made references purposely mispronouncing the name of the arts center

535.)  Little Anthony and the Imperials
          Woodbridge Library park, Woodbridge, New Jersey
          August 5, 2002, Monday
          Actually got all of their autographs.

536.)  Yes
          PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey
          August 6, 2002

537.)  The Shangrilas
          Woodbridge Library Park, Woodbridge
          August 12, 2002, Monday

538.)  Green Dreams Vinyl
           Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo
           State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey
           August 17, 2002

539.)  David Lee Roth
           Sammy Hagar
           PNC Arts Center, Holmdel
           August 20, 2002, Tuesday, 7:30 pm

           One could see that Roth was trying to outdo Hagar.

540.)  Meatloaf and Friends
           State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey
           September 9, 2002

541.)  Jersey Jazz By The Lake
          Bobby Rodriguez, Cynthia Holiday
           Roy Ayers, Alex Bugnon
          Arturo Sandoval
          Nomahegan Park, Cranford, New Jersey
          September 21, 2002

542.)  The 3rd Annual Doobies Awards
           Black Moon, High On Fire
           Sean Paul, Lettuce, Emcee - Joe Rogan
          Guest - John Stewart, Jackie the Joke Man Martling,
           Shannon McNally a guitarist from Govt. Mule.
           New Riders of the Purple Sage
           B. B. Kings, 14th Street, New York City
           September 25, 2002, Wednesday

543.)  The Nerds
          Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes
           Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey
           October 4, 2002

544.)  Richard Barrone
          At The Tabernacle, Mount Tabor, New Jersey
          October 5, 2002

545.)    Rock To The Rescue.
          Lorenza Ponce, John Waite, Glen Burtnick, Survivor w/ Aaron Carter,
          Mark Farner, Felix Cavaliere, Sam Moore, Big Pussy from the Soprano’s,
          Styx, REO Speedwagon (acoustic and electric), Bad Company,
          and Foreigner. Continental Airlines Arena, New Jersey
          October 19, 2002 – Saturday
          Ticket - $52.00  5:00 pm show

546.)  Wynona Judd
           State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey
           October 26, 2002

547.) Alice Cooper
         Beacon Theatre, NYC
         October 29, 2002

548.) Neil Sedaka
         Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
         November 9, 2002

549.) Tom Jones
         Resorts Casino, Atlantic City, New Jersey
         Sunday, November 18, 2002
        Yes he is that big. At least that's what my wife Susan says.

550.) Arlo Guthrie and Family
         The Dillards
         Prudential Hall, NJPAC, Friday, November 29, 2002
   Many many years ago outside the Academy of Music on 14th St, NYC
   I was asked by a WPLJ FM polltaker what was my favorite group.
  The Dillards was my answer much to their stunned amazement as he jotted it in.

551.)   The Smithereens
            Eric Bazilian,
            at B. B. Kings, 42nd St., NYC
             Friday, January 17, 2003 8:00 pm

             Thank you Jim for the reservatons.

552.)  Mary Wilson
           B.B. Kings, 14th Street, NYC
           February 7, 2002, 1st show.

553.)  Nancy Wilson
          Diva , a 15 piece all-female orchestra.
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
          February 28, 2003

554.)  Marshall Tucker Band
           B.B. King Blues Club / Grill, NYC
           8 pm, Saturday, March 22, 2002

555.)  John Hammond
          Watchung Arts Center
          March 29, 2003, Saturday
         Showed him the new Guitar Player with an article about him.
        That he did not even see yet and promptly autographed it for me.

556.)  B. B. King
          State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey
          April 9, 2003, Wednesday. Front row seats.
          Went with Sue, James Brown first wife and a friend of hers.

557.)  Charo
           The Aladdin, Las Vegas, Nevada
            April 21, 2003

558.)  Skanatra
           Nancy Sinatra
           with Clem Burke (Blondie) on drums
           Hoboken Arts & Craft Street Fair, Hoboken, New Jersey
          Sunday, May 4, 2003

559.)  Etta James and a nine piece band.
          Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, NJ
          May 21, 2003, Wednesday

560.) Boston
         An Evening with Boston, touring on the Corporate America album release.
         PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ, Father’s Day, June 15, 2003
         15th row center seats, purchased at the window 10 minutes prior to show time.

561.) Stevie Winwood
         The Dead
         PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ
         June 24, 2003

562.)  John Eddie
          Willie Nelson and Family
          Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank NJ, 2nd row seats, June 26, 2003

563.)  John Eddie
          Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ
          July 4, 2003

564.)  Chicago
          PNC Arts Center, Holmdel
          July 19, 2003

565.)  John Eddie
          Lisa Marie Presley
          Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ
          July 20, 2003
          John was louder, Lisa’s volume was turned down

566.)  Gato Barbieri
          Brookdale Park, Bloomfield
          July 25, 2003 Free concert

567.)  Happenings
          Woodbridge Library Park, Woodbridge, NJ
          July 28, 2003

568.)  American Idols On Tour
           with Charles Grigsby, Julia DeMato, Rickey Smith,
             Kimberly Caldwell, Carmen Rasmusen, Trenyce,
               Kimberley Locke, Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard
               Continental Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
                  July 30, 2003

569.)  Gary U.S. Bonds
            Woodbridge Library park, Woodbridge, NJ
             August 4, 2003

570.)  Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes, with Sharon Page
          Woodbridge Library Park, Woodbridge, NJ
           August 11, 2003

571.)  Oz Fest, 2003
          Chimaira , Motograter , Memento , Hotwire
          Killswitch , Engage , Shadows Fall
          Unloco , Endo , Voi Vod , Cradle of Filth
          Chevelle, Marilyn Manson
          Oz Fest, PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, N. J.
          August 19, 2003
       Ozzie pooped out on us, as this was the second show of two in a row.
       Ozzie cannot do two shows in a row. Korn performed an extended set.

572.)  Jeff Golub
          Nestor Torres, Chris Botti
          Oleta Adams
          Jersey Jazz By The Lake, Echo Lake Park
           September 20, 2003

573.)  106.7 Lite fm presents – One Night With Lite
           Sarah McLachlin
           Simply Red, Seal
            Rod Stewart
           The Theater at Madison Square Garden
           October 15, 2003

574.)  Third Eye Blind
          House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
          November 27, 2003

 This was a cleansing for me as we had just left the Alabama Theatre across the parking lot.
 There Nick, Sue and I had attended their Holiday Show.
  My mother got us the tickets and so we went.
  But had to get it out of our systems and I could not care less who was at the H. O. B.
  Sue knew of the headliner, that was enough for me.

575.)  Bacon Brothers
          Morristown Community Theatre, Morristown, New Jersey
          December 13, 2003 Saturday


576.)   Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt, Joe Ely and Guy Clark
           NJPAC, Prudential Hall, Newark, New Jersey
           January 31, 2004 Saturday

577.)  Doo Wop Reunion 5
          Lou Christrie
          Johnny (Santo and Johnnie)
          Emil Stucchio and the Classics
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway
          February 21, 2004 Saturday

578.)  Randy Stonehill
          Phil Keaggy
          Evangel Church, Terrill Road, Scotch Plains, New Jersey
          February 28, 2004

    It's said that Randy began Christian Rock n Roll

579.)   Glen Burtnick
           Ian Hunter and his Rant Band
           B. B. Kings, New York City
           March 1, 2004

            Front row table

580.)   Julio Iglesias
           Ritz Theatre, Elizabeth
           April 3, 2004

581.)  Sweet Honey In The Rock
          New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey
          April 17, 2004

582.)  Clarence Carter
           House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
           April 23, 2004
            In town for mom's funeral.

583.)   The Vogues
           1910 Fruitgum Company
            Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
            Friday May 7, 2004

584.)  Paul Revere and the Raiders
          Nancy Sinatra
          Connie Stevens
          Bill Medley
          World War II Memorial Tribute, Washington, DC
          May 30, 2004

585.)  Valerie Adams and Dimension Band
           Junior Walker’s All Stars
          Manhattans featuring Gerald Alston and Blue Lovett
          Blues by the Brook, Plainfield, New Jersey
           June 12, 2004

586.)  Silvertide
          Van Halen
          Continental Arena, Tuesday June 22, 2004

  So close that I shook the hand lead guitarist for Silvertide after their set.
 Telling him that I don't know about the rest of the band but that I expect him to go far.

587.)  Robert Randolph and the Family Band
          Eric Clapton
          Madison Square Garden, Tuesday June 29, 2004

588.)  Ozz Fest
           First Stage - Lamb of God, Hate Breed, Slipknot
            Second Stage - Superjoint Ritual
           Dimmu Borgir, Slayer
           Judas Priest
          Black Sabbath
           PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey, Friday July 16, 2004

589.)  Rod Stewart
          PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey
          Wednesday, July 21, 2004

590.)  Grand Funk Railroad
           Balloon Festival, NJ
            July 25, 2004
        This version of the band had not Mark Farner, but two other guitarists.

591.)  Robert Hunter
          The Dead
            PNC Arts Center
            Tuesday, August 10, 2004

592.)  Robert Hunter
          The Dead
                w/ Joan Osbourne
          PNC Arts Center
          Wednesday, August 11, 2004

593.) Gil Paris w/ John Paris at the Guitar Barbecue
         Jennifer Glass
         Levon Helm with the Barn Burners w/ Little Sammy Davis
         Clearwater Festival, Asbury Park
         Sunday August 22, 2004
        Second time seeing Sammy. First time since some Woodstock show.

594.) Jersey Jazz by the Lake
         Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes
         Roy Hardgrove
         Echo Lake Park, Mountainside, New Jersey
        Saturday, September 11, 2004

595.) Rahway Jazz Festival
         Bucky Pizzarelli
         Slide Hampton Orchestra
         Dena DeRose
        Warren Vache' Jr.
         Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
         Sunday, October 10, 2004

596.) Arlo Guthrie
         State Theatre, New Brunswick, New Jersey
        Thursday, November 11, 2004

597.) Smithereens
         Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, New Jersey
         December 31 – January 1, 2005


598.)  Bent Brother
          Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, New Jersey
          Saturday, January 15, 2005
         Bent Brother aka Twisted Sister without the makeup and other stuff.

599.)  Lou Rawls
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
          February 2005

600.)  Jobonano and the Godsons of Soul
          Felix Cavaliere’s Rascals with special guests the Soul Survivors
          Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
          Saturday February 26, 2005

601.)  Allman Brothers Band
          Beacon Theatre, New York City
          Tuesday, March 15, 2005
          Went with Nick who that day won two tickets at his job

602.)  Project Object
           Frank Zappa Tribute Band with Ike Willis and Napoleon Murphy Brock
           Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey
           Saturday, April 9, 2005

603.)  Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes
           Dylan ??? (opener )
           Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
           Saturday, April 16, 2005

604.)  Bob Dylan and His Band
           Merle Haggard and The Strangers
           Amos Lee (opener)
           New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Newark, New Jersey
           Tuesday, April 19, 2005

605.)  McDonalds Gospel Fest 2005
           Aretha Franklin
           Donnie McClurkin, Cissy Houston
           G-Fy-G, of East Orange,  The Oracle
            Renaissance Praise Dancers, of Newark
            Second Baptist, Roselle, Praise Dance Ministry, of Roselle
            At The Theatre at Madison Square Gardens, NYC
             Friday, June 3, 2005

606.)  Queensryche
          Judas Priest
          PNC Arts Center, Holmdel
          Friday, June 10, 2005

607.)  Jerry Jeff Walker
          Nick Holmes
          B. B. Kings, New York City
          Thursday, June 16, 2005
          Front row table, Jerry made note of my hat (Ramblin' Jack) liking it.

608.)  Streetlight Manifesto
         The Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey
          Saturday, June 18, 2005

           A friend of Nick's is in the band.

609. ) The Royal Wylds
           Citizen Cope
           Blind Boys of Alabama
           Central Park Summer Stage, 20th Anniversary
           Sunday, July 10, 2005

610.)  American Idol Tour
          Carrie Underwood, Bo Bice, Constantine Maroulis,
          Anwar Robinson, Vonzell Solomon, Nadia Turner,
          Nikko Smith, Scott Savol,
          Jessica Sierra, Anthony Federov
          Continental Arena, East Rutherford, New Jersey
           July 22, 2005

611.)  Loggins and Messina
          PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey
          July 23, 2005

          Actually got up to front row cent, thanks to Charlie Wade.
          My third time seeing Loggins and Messina.

612.)  Leon Russell
           Duke Island Park, Bridgewater, New Jersey
           Free Show
           July 31, 2005
           Leon's daughter is one of the backup singers.
 Was able to get an autograph from Leon on a photo of my future home in South Carolina.

613.)  Motley Crue
          PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey
          $30.00 lawn seat
          August 14, 2005
  Went with Nick as this would be my last NJ show as a resident of the Garden State.

614.) Wayne Newton
         Alabama Theatre, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
         September 24, 2005

615.)  A Dozen Furies
          Devil Driver
          At the House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
          October 20, 2005 - free ticket given to me by Jake Blues.

                                A Review of the band names GWAR
The Nazi Priest came onstage with some individual, a believer of sorts who was promptly beheaded sometime during the opening song. The blood gushing forth from the recently beheaded individual was sprayed upon the audience with much delight. Then the Nazi Priest as cut up by two henchmen on stage. A few more songs and President Bush was brought on stage strapped to a gurney. He reminded us of his war on drugs, then his war on terrorism. Now he has a war on weather. He started to go on about Hurricane Katrina just then the henchmen started to disembowel him. One of which was trying to jump rope with the President's intestines tripping over them.
Vice-president Cheney came on stage saying "Out with the Bush and in with the Dick". Before he could go on any further he too was beheaded and the gushing blood was once more sprayed upon the eagerly waiting fans.
Before I go on let me say this, the blood and any other bodily fluid is just a dyed sugar water.
The band is actually doing a bit of humanitarian work raising millions of dollars for a charity. It's the Michael Jackson Sexual Endowment Fund and Michael himself came on stage with one of his babies. When asked to show everyone his new stuff, Michael opened his clothes to reveal that he has breasts and a penis enlargement to boot. Just that the attached penis part was a darker color that his own white self.
Later Sharon Osbourne came on stage with a miniature Ozzie under her arms. She was talking about "Clown Bands" like Kizz. Before she could go on the lead singer was already playing with her breast much to her delight and before they were chopped off thus spewing blood into the audience.
Sometime later a hunched creature came onstage with a trick or treat plastic pumpkin in claw. It was there for a while before a sword was thrust into its' upper jaw spewing green blood into the audience. This time I was hit, watching the trail of ooze come right at me. Later one of the strobe lights went on fire but was soon extinguish by a henchman.
Then the audience was calling out the name of the band's pet, a sort of mastodon creature. It too was killed and the green blood spewed everywhere. Later the lead's penis, oh I didn't mention this?. He has this rather large deformed dildo attached and it just spewed and spewed and spewed green fluids. Then a spewing machine was brought on stage and it spewed both red and green. The band GWAR is celebrating 20 years.

616.)  The Buckinghams
           Edwin McCain and Whisper
           End of Summer Festival, North Myrtle Beach
          October 22, 2005 free show
         The Buckinghams have been together 40 years.
          My 2nd time seeing them perform, the last being May 9, 1985

617.) House of Heroes
         House of Blues, NMB, SC
         November 4, 2005
         Stryper - 2nd time, new bassist.
        The band not wearing the usual black and yellow stripes.

618.)  Tom Chapin and Friends
           Union County Arts Center, Rahway, New Jersey
          November 13, 2005, Sunday
 In town for the League of Municipalities Conference, Atlantic City.
I was talking with Tom after the show and mentioned that I went to his brother’s last show.
He asked of when was it, as he was not sure. It was the Central Park performance.

619.)  Tom Jones
          House of Blues, NMB, SC
          November 19, 2005
          2nd time, but one never forgets their first time with Mr. Jones.

620.)   Dolly Parton
           House of Blues, NMC, SC
           December 16, 2005


621.)  Willie Nelson and Family
          House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
          February 21, 2006 Tuesday

622.)  Flyleaf
          Seether, Shinedown
          House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
         March 2, 2006
         A guitarist for Shinedown was not there
              due to his wife giving birth to a baby boy at 5 pm that day.

623.) Bela Fleck and the Flecktones
         Bob Weir and Rat Dog
         House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
         March 17, 2006  The second show of the tour.

624.)  Cross Canadian Ragweed
          George Thorogood and the Destroyers
          House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
          March 19, 2006 Last time seeing George - November 27, 1982

625.)   Bullet For My Valentine
            Lacuna Coil
             Rob Zombie
             Educated Horses Tour 2006
             House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
           March 24, 2006

Bullet For My Valentine - 4 man band, played 7:58 - 8pm, loud British metal.
Lacuna Coil - 6 piece band, male and female singer, two guitar, percussion problems, bassist problems as well.
In my opinion they could lose the girl, or make her stop her whining aka singing.
There were those in the audience crowd surfing.
Some chick DJ from 101.7 FM came on stage between sets and mumbled whatever it was.
Lights went down, Cover of the Rolling Stone was heard over the speakers.
Rob Zombie came onstage at 9:53 pm, three encores at 11:07 pm, over at 11:28 pm
While onstage it was madness. New guitarist, actually playing a Poison guitar lick, much to Rob's dislikes.

626.)  DJ Surge and some rapper.
          The Pussycat Dolls.
          At the House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
          Sponsored by The Source, 98.5 FM
          April 17, 2006

The show was suppose to start at 8:30, but was in progress before that with the DJ and the rapper.
The kids liked it, I went cuz I had extra money, otherwise I never would have went.
It was almost not worth it unless I needed to vindicate myself when stating. ...
That the Pussycat Dolls Suck !!!
The curtain closed on the rappers at 8:58 pm. Later a stagehand came out laying out set lists on the stage.
He got a couple of screams from the kids downstairs.
Upstairs there were some, but mainly adults and lots of lesbians.
Downstairs the kids noticed some star of an MTV show was in the control booth.
The Pussycat Dolls came onstage at 9:30 pm. No band, just a sound system.
The stage was basically a setting for a strip joint as the woman showed the audience what they got.
Songs included Don't you wish you're girlfriend was hot like me, Fever, and I don't need a man.
Three of them later changed into black and silver encrusted teddies.
They brought onstage three audience members to show us what they got.
They were David from London, a Courtney and an Allison the youngest and the overhaul winner.
At 10:04 pm the leader says that they're going to do one more song.
A special Myrtle Beach remix of Don't you wish you girlfriend was hot like me.
By 10:09 pm the band was off stage.
No calls for encores were heard.

627.)  John Scofield Trio
           Rivertown Jazz & Arts Festival, Conway, SC
           May 6, 2006

628.)  Michael Tolcher from Georgia
           Blues Traveler
           House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
          May 17, 2006
           I actually may have fallen asleep during a portion of BT

629.)  DB Bryant Band
           David Allan Coe
          House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach
          Saturday, May 20, 2006
           David Allen Coe had three guitars, drums, no bass guitar.
           He cussed a whole lot all night.

630.)  Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
           Myrtle Beach Fun in the Sun Festival, by the Pavilion
           June 3, 2006
          I made it there after the heavy rains.
         The band opened with Brown Eyed Girl, ended with Stay.
          Then came the even heavier rains.

631.)  Hat Trick Heroes
          Robin Trower
          House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach
          June 21, 2006 Tuesday

           Arrived just at 9pm, show time, never having my ticket scanned.
 HTH from Tampa, Florida is a power trio of maybe the oldest being 23.
Their set list included - Where do they go, Led Zeppelin's Good Times Bad Times,
Don't stop a riot, and The electric Chair. A Gibson SG was used all throughout the performance.

Robin Trower started at 9:58 pm, with a bassist, drummer and a lead singer.
His set list list included Between the Ecstasy and the Madness, Hannah, What's your name,
Day of the Eagle, Bridge of Sighs, Victims of the Fury, Stitch in Time, Another time another place,
and A little bit of sympathy. Encores at 11:10 pm were Lady Luck and We Were Spellbound.
Over at 11:28 pm. There were other songs I cannot remember.
But I do remember that Robin played a Fender Stratocaster all throughout his performance,
and his extended guitar solos.

632.)  B. B. King
          The 80th Birthday Celebration Tour
           House of Blues
           June 23, 2006

Hung out two rows away from the stage with my son Chris, the second concert I've been to with him.
The first being a Pink Floyd concert a long time ago. Again HOB did not scan my ticket.

633.)  Tom Constantin
          Country Joe McDonald
           Jefferson Starship
           House of Blues
           July 2, 2006
   Two tickets for the price of one.
   Tom is an original keyboardist from the Greatful Dead.
   He performed a part of Dark Star and other songs.
One song he did was the tune Wear Wolves of London with lyrics from a Bob Dylan song.
I and others were howling at the appropriate time in this somewhat strange song.
He also did Cotton Fields with a whole new set of lyrics about his Las Vegas upbringing.
Finishing his set with the theme to Sponge Bob Square Pants. I knew the response to this song.
Later Tom was on the dance floor and I said to him Hey it's Johnny Winters older brother.
As I thanked him for the Sponge Bob song. He replied Hey ya gotta get back to the basics.
Country Joe actually took a phone call on stage.
It also appears that Paul Kantner and the young woman lead singer got something going on.

634.) Huck John
         Ted Nugent
         House of Blues
         July 3, 2006

Ted is somewhat a Tool of the Republican Party. He did a lot of preaching on their behalf.
He bragged that he's been clean and sober for 57 years, yet we all can go ahead and drink.
Onstage on one side was an anti-aircraft machine gun, the other side a machine gun.
Then he showed us Old Betsy, another machine gun. Ted cussed a lot when talking Republican politics. He would ask the audience; "Got any questions? Fuck you."
Last time he asked that question the audience went "Fuck You".
His power trio opened with the Star Spangled Banner.
Last song before the encore was Cat Scratch Fever, what mostly everyone was waiting for.
Some of us and others were waiting to get out of there.
A somewhat packed show for nearly two hours., six seats in the expensive pews were empty all evening. Hey Ted, ya got any questions? FUCK YOU !!!

635.) Oak Ridge Boys
         At the Alabama Theatre, Barefoot Landing, North Myrtle Beach
        Friday, July 14, 2006 at 7:00 pm

 Set List - Train Train, American Made, Long Song, No Short Way Home
 Still Holdin' On, Old Time Lovin', Dream On, Saloon, Ozark, Leavin' La
 Callin' Baton Rouge, Sail Away, The Home Stretch, Glorybound
 Amazing Grace, You Don't Have To Go Home, Have a Talk With Jesus
 Dream on Me, Heavens a Small Town, Closer to Home, Minivan
 Did I Make a Difference, Kids, Elvira, Heaven Bound.

636.) Jeff Beck
         House of Blues
         September, 9, 2006

637.) Charlie Pride
         Alabama Theatre
         September 30, 2006 at 7:00 pm

638.)  Little Big Town
          At the Loris Bog-off
         October 21, 2006

639.)  The Buckinghams
           The Endless Summer Festival, North Myrtle Beach
           November 4, 2006

640.)  As Fast As
          House of Blues, NMB
          Saturday, November 18, 2006

641.)  Streetlight Manifesto
          Reel Big Fish
         At the House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach
         Thursday, November 30, 2006
        My son knows one of the horn players for Streetlight Manifesto.

642.) D. J. Jeffrey
         The Dan Band
          House of Blues, NMB, SC
         Saturday, December 2, 2006
        The Dan band actually performed Fernando and another ABBA song.

643.) Bloody Crack Down
         the red chord
         At the House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
         Friday, December 8, 2006


644.)  Don Ho
          Taimane Gardner
          Jackie, and others.
         At The Waikiki Beach Comber
         Honolulu, Hawaii
        Thursday, February 8, 2007
     Uncle Don was funny, forgetting the lyrics to his own Tiny Bubbles.
          Taimane is a future ukulele whiz.

645.) Taylor Hicks
         The Grey Hounds (Just caught the last few minutes.)
         At the House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
          March 2, 2007

646.) The Oak Ridge Boys
         At the Palace Theatre, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
         March 3, 2007

647.) The Doobie Brothers
          At the House of Blues, NMB, SC
          March 9, 2007

648.) Paul Green's School of Rock
          Led Zep Again
          Georgia Satellites
         At the Hard Rock Theme Park, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
            April 18. 2007 Opening Day

  I was patron number three at the event that was held in the morning.
  I could have been #1, but I decided to let the two gay guys go first.
  If you don't believe me, just ask John of the HRTP. I pestered him a lot.
  The HRP photographer has photos of guests #1,2 and 4, but not #3.
  This was a free show out in the parking lot near the crew entrance.

649.)  Walls of Jericho
          House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, S. C.
          May 5, 2007 Saturday
Have Kittie’s autographs all over a CD from an earlier performance that day at a music store.

650.) The Surf City All Star Band
         featuring - Al Jardine and David Marks of the Beach Boys
         Dean Torrence of Jan and Dean
         David Logeman of Frank Zappa (Tinseltown Rebellion)
         Dan Raymond,
        Free Concert - Mayfest on Main, North Myrtle Beach
        May 12, 2007 Saturday

                       000.) Metal Legends Tribute Show
                         The Led Zeppelin Tribute Band
                       The Ozzie Osbourne Tribute Band
                                     House of Blues
               May 15, 2007 - Free Ticket given during Bike Week

651.) Swampdawamp
         House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach
         May 16, 2007
         Free Ticket - given out during Bike Week.

                   000.) DB Bryant Band
          Summer Concert Series at McLean Park, North Myrtle Beach
                                May 18, 2007

652.)  DB Bryant Band
          Little Soul
          House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach
          May 19, 2007, Saturday
          Free Ticket - given out during Bike Week.

653.)  Sick Puppies
          Not Rated Yet - caught the very end of their set.
           House of Blues - Free Show
           July 10, 2007
   Free due to the singer of Breaking Benjamin getting ill.
   Sick Puppies, a power trio from Australia with a chick (Emma) on bass.
   Tho' the drummer was intro'd as being from Los Angeles.

654.)  Patrick Davis
          Hootie and the Blowfish
         House of Blues
         August 12, 2007
 Besides singing the hits, they also performed "You Never Even Call Me By My Name".
 And while they played for an encore, "Where were you while we were getting high",
 I thought that I was at Myrtle Beach State Park being baptized in the ocean.

655.) Peter Frampton
          House of Blues
          August 25, 2007
  Have not been to a Frampton show since August 24, 1977.
  This makes show Frampton show number 9
  Peter still had his bassist from 26 years ago.

656.) Shoutfest 07 featuring. .....
         Air Five, Cali w/ recorded music, Two Empty Chairs,
        Decyfer Down, Lyrycyst, Jump Five w/ recorded music,
        Group 1 Crew w/ recorded music, Bebo Norman,
        Shane and Shane, and Jeremy Camp.
        Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach - Free Show
        September 1, 2007

657.)  Adam Tucker
          Bucky Covington of American Idol
          At the House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach
          September 2, 2007

658.)  The Buckinghams
          At the 3rd annual Paws Across the Waters, Barefoot Landing
          September 1, 2007

659.) Union County Music Fest 07
                    and Rock On! Walkathon
         a.) Main Stage - Beale Street Love, Chuck Berry
             The Smithereens, Fountains of Wayne

        b.) Love Hope Strength Stage - The English Beat
            The Old Ceremony, The Apples in Stereo, The Alarm

        c.) Generation Max Kids Kingdom Stage -
             Trout Fishing in America, Starfish
            Miss Sherri and the Little Animal Band

           Nomahegan Park, Cranford, New Jersey
           Saturday, September 15, 2007
           A Free Event -

660.)  The Kingston Trio
           The Alabama Theatre, North Myrtle Beach
           October 13, 2007

661.)  The Oxedines
          The Browders
          Crabb Revival
          At Conway High Auditorium, Conway, SC
          November 24, 2007


662.)  Chris Berado and The DesBerados
           David Allen Coe
           House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach
           January 12, 2008

           The DesBerados played a short set.
           I was ready to walk out on David's performance.

663.)  Need To Breathe
          Third Day
          At the House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
          March 1, 2008

  It was mentioned that Third Day member Brad Avery had quit the band two days earlier.

664.)  The Outlaws
           House of Blues, North Myrtle Beach, SC
           April 18, 2008 Friday

      Twas nice to see them all again. They performed Knoxville Girl.
      Along with their own classics. Shook hands with Billy and Monte.
      So close to stage I had Billy's Stratocaster in my face.

665.)  Bowling for Soup
          Hard Rock Park, Myrtle Beach
          May 8, 2008
          I worked at the park, soon to close.

666.) Kid Rock with Reverend Run
         Hard Rock Park. Myrtle beach, South Carolina
         May 13, 2008
         A potty mouthed reverend he be ...

667.) George Clinton and  Parliament / Funkedelic
         Hard Rock Park - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
         May 23, 2008

668.)  The Eagles
          Hard Rock Park, Myrtle Beach, SC
          June 3, 2008
          The band did not want the video screen on.
          No photos were to be taken.
          A lot of the music theme park' budget went to this show.

669.)  The Moody Blues
                 with the Long Bay Symphony Orchestra
           Hard Rock Park, Myrtle Beach, SC  June 4, 2008
           Any employee ending their shift had to leave the show.
           I headed off into the crowd, taking off my uniform shirt.
          More of the park' budget went to this show.
           As gift bags were given to the orchestra' members.

670.)  Russell and Kristi
          Lindz West, Hawk Nelson, Andrew Palau
          BeachFest with Andrew Palau
          June 14, 2008

671.) Russell and Kristi
         Lindz West, Mandisa, Andrew Palau
         BeachFest with Andrew Palau
         June 15, 2008

672.)  Sister Hazel
          Hard Rock Park, Myrtle Beach, SC
          July 4, 2008

673.)  K. C. and the Sunshine Band
          Hard Rock Park
          August 30, 2008

674.)  Casting Crowns
          Myrtle Beach Convention Center
          October 3, 2008

675.)  The New Rascals
          Endless Summer Festival, North Myrtle Beach
          October 25, 2008
         The airline out of Florida lost Eddie's guitar.

676.) Francesca Battistelli
         Aaron Shust
         Youth Fest 2008
         Tabor City, North Carolina
           October 25, 2008


677.)  The Browders
          Conway Church of God
          January 25, 2009
          Free, but a Love Offering was asked.
       As usual with a Christian, there was a recorded music soundtrack of their songs.
          But they also performed some songs on instruments.

678.)  The Rivertown Boys Homecoming Concert
           Featuring - The Oxendines of Shannon, North Carolina.
           The Rivertown Boys of Conway, South Carolina
           And - The Dove Brothers of Bladenboro, North Carolina
           At Conway High School
          Saturday, March 21, 2009  $10.00

God started the Oxendines group while they were all out on a rabbit hunt.
  Rivertown Boys are Kenny, Donny and Billy
Now depending on which way one parted their hair, that was were a member of the
Dove Brothers would stand on stage. Two had their hair parted to the right, so that’s where
They stood. Two others and the pianist have theirs parted to the left, hence where there stood.

679.)  The Oxendines
          At Macedonia Baptist Church, Red Bluff Road, Loris
          Sunday, March 22, 2009, a Love Offering was asked.
   I gave $2.50 in quarters. So in the end was collected $540.50 cents.
   A wee bit of snap, crackle and POP from the P. A., but went well.

680.) The Hoppers
         At Living Water Baptist Church, Longs, SC; Sunday
         April 26th, 2009, 6 PM

681.) Russell and Kristi
          Chris Sligh
         At Christ United Methodist Church, Myrtle Beach; Sunday May 3rd, 6 PM

Russell and Kristi from Conway, originally the worship band at The Rock Church of Conway
Chris had a pianist and a drummer from his touring band with him as he played acoustic guitar
and solo on the piano. He played The Bologna Song. If you do not know, then request it.

682.) Arlo Guthrie
        Alabama Theatre, NMB, SC May 16, 2009
        He was backed with a six piece band.
        A benefit for the victims of the North Myrtle Beach recent fires.

683.) The Donna Jean Godchaux Band
         Jerry Fest # 5, The Boathouse, Myrtle Beach. Sunday August 8, 2009
                 The set list as provided by the band’s website.
Sugaree, The Way You Do the Things You Do, Candyman, Don’t Fight it, Arise,
St. Stephen and drum solo; Fire on the Mountain; St. Stephen (reprise) and Shakedown Street, New Speedway Boogie, You Ain’t Woman Enough E: Samson and Delilah

684.) Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs
         At the Beach, Boogie and BBQ Festival, Myrtle Beach, Saturday September 5, 2009

685.) 33 Miles
        Little River United Methodist Church Life Center, Sunday, September 20, 2009
        This was part of the opening day ceremonies of the Life Center.

686.) Kimber Rising
         Building 429
         Todd Agnew
         Ground Zero Block Party, 9th Avenue, Myrtle Beach, Saturday, September 26, 2009

687.) Rush of Fools
         Youth Fest 2009, Tabor City, North Carolina
         Free, Saturday, October 24, 2009

688.) Francesca Battestelli
         Brandon Heath
         At the Myrtle Beach Community Church, November 8, 2009

689.) The Ten Irish Tenors
          Michael W. Smith with the Long Bay Symphony Orchestra
          Palace Theatre, Myrtle Beach, Thursday December 3, 2009

690.) The Rochesters
         Friendship Baptist Church - Myrtle Beach, SC 843-448-9867
         December 27 (pm service)


691.)  The Browders
          At the Church of God, Conway, SC
          Sunday January 24th at 6:00 PM

692.)  The Nelons
          At Mount Vernon Baptist Church
             Saturday, March 20, 2010

693.) Singing in the Sun Festival
              at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.
         The 4:00 pm Showcase, free show featuring. ...

    The Arise Quartet, with Ivan Parker's brother
    Renewed Hearts, of Raleigh, North Carolina
      The Standridges, of Hemingway
     Masters Voice, all the way from Oklahoma
      Ashley Yodar, 14 from Delmar, Delaware
          The Host -
             Greater Love
         Jeff and Sherri Easter, with Morgan.

                 The Main Show

       Mark Bishop,  Jeff and Sherri Easter
      Karen Peck and New River
      Mark Trammell Quartet, Brian Free and Assurance
      and The Wilmington Celebration Choir
      Saturday, April 24, 2010

  Living on a Prayer, or Prayers I was able to obtain a ticket for $15.00
   Normally selling for $29.50 being sold outside.
   Finding out it was a front row artists circle seat.
    Thank Danny for selling the ticket and thank you Jesus.

694.) The Greenes
         11:00 am, at the First Free Will Baptist Church
          Myrtle Beach, SC
         Sunday, April 25, 2010

695.) The Hoppers
          6:00 pm, at the Living Water Church
          Longs, SC
          Sunday, April 25, 2010

696.) The Mighty Mighty Tams
          The Bar - Kays
           Eddie Money
         Mayfest on Main, North Myrtle Beach
          Saturday, May 8th, 2010 - Free

697.) The Afters
          Toby Mac and the Diversity Band
          Saturday, May 22, 2010 Beach Fest - Free
         Free because I received a Limited Pass for volunteering the day before.

698.) The Dove Brothers
         Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Red Bluff Road, Loris, SC
         August 22, 2010

699.)  The Donna Jean Godchaux Band
          The Boat House, Myrtle Beach, SC
          October 8, 2010

700.)  Big Daddy Weave
          At Youth Fest
          Tabor City, North Carolina
          October 23, 2010

701.)  The Rochesters
           At Friendship Baptist Church, Myrtle Beach
           December 19, 2010

                                                    2011 Concerts

702.)  Unity
         The Perry's
         Church of God, Conway
         January 23, 2011

703.)  Dark Star Orchestra
          Union County Arts Center / Rahway Theatre
          Rahway, New Jersey
          March 9th, 2011 Wednesday

704.) The Whisnants
          Loris High School
          Saturday, March 12, 2011

705.)  Anita Renfroe - comedian
          Beach Church, Myrtle Beach, SC
          Saturday, March 26, 2011

706.) The Browders
          Fountain of Life Ministries, Conway, SC
          Sunday, March 27, 2011

707.)  Dove Brothers
          Bethlehem Baptist Church, Conway, SC
          Thursday, April 7, 2011

708.) Chubby Checkers and the Wild Cats
           The Spinners
         Myrtle Beach Music Fest Saturday, April 30, 2011

 I never realized just how many of the Spinners songs I knew.
 After the show their lefty guitarist gave me his pick.
 It is a Fender Heavy.
As for Chubby Checkers, I must've been three years old when I was twisting for my parents.
His hit record probably was just on the Studebaker's am radio when we got home.
And I started it up as I just stepped out the car, much to their delight. ...

709.)  The Surf City Allstars
          Featuring; Al Jardine, Dean Torrence and David Marks.
          Mayfest on Main 2011 - North Myrtle Beach May 7th, 2011

710.)   New Riders of the Purple Sage
            With Donna Jean Godchaux
       Jerry Fest at the Boat House, Myrtle Beach, SC
                 Sunday, July 31, 2011

There was a discussion amongst several of us after I made mention of a button on a guitar.
The button was Dave Nelson’s “Secret Weapon” as it changed the tone of the guitar of that like a steel guitar. As seen at

711.)  Chris August
          Ground Zero Ministries Concert Series
                Myrtle Beach, SC
            Sunday, August 7, 2011

712.)  Godstar
          Ground Zero Ministries Concert Series, Myrtle Beach, SC
         Sunday, August 28, 2011

Because of a small discussion with the few of us up front, I asked the lead singer if Godstar was one word or two words. He obliged saying one word, that they were a very poor band and that you can find them on You Tube.
During the break the pastor on stage was holding up my Petra album, More Power To You.
Later at the end of the show Petra was signing autographs at a table. I was practically up next when the phone rang. Seeing that it was the wife I asked if anyone from the band would like to answer my phone and say to Susan that they missed her and hoped to see her at the next show. Well, Louie the drummer of the band obliged. The band suggested not signing the album as it was in very good condition. So they signed the CD, to Susan Missed You.
Later I called her, yes that was a band member. Then telling her that I am never going to be a normal person ever again. The Lord is going to make certain of that. …

713.)   Union County MusicFest!/musicfest
           Crossroads Stage; Garden State Line ,  Minor Motion

            Friends Stage; Mike Peters (The Alarm) , Cy Curnin (The Fixx)
                              and Brien McVernon (Retro Rockets)

            TD Bank Stage, Cy Curnin
                        Toad the Wet Sprocket , Neon Trees

On the Overlook Medical Center Stage; School of Rock Allstars w/ Mike Peters ; Music of the Alarm
     Nicole Atkins and the Black Sea
     Paul Rogers
     Oak Ridge Park, Clark, New Jersey
     Saturday, September 17, 2011

714.) Union County MusicFest
         Crossroads Stage; Bell Sound featuring Dennis Diken of the Smithereens
         Friends Stage; Bob Bandiera

     Overlook Medical Center Stage; School of Rock Springsteen Tribute
     The Smithereens
     Southside Johnnie
     Oak Ridge Park, Clark, New Jersey
     Sunday, September 18, 2011

715.)  Anthem Lights
          Youthfest 2011, Tabor City, North Carolina
           Saturday, October 22, 2011


716.)  Anthem Lights
          The City Harmonic,  Bob Lenz
          The Newsboys

          Christ United Methodist Church, Myrtle Beach
           Saturday, March 10, 2012

717.)   The Browders
           Living Waters Baptist Church, Conway, SC
            Monday, April 2, 2012

718.)   Red
           Third Day, Toby Mac and dcTalk
           Ground Zero Beach Blast
            At the old Pavilion site, Myrtle Beach
           Saturday, May 19th, 2012

719.)   Steve Vai
            The Story of Light tour.
            At the State Theatre locate in New Brunswick, New Jersey
            Friday, September 8, 2012
                 Went with Rocky ...

720.)   Taylor Hicks
            Cultural and Heritage Day in the Park, Carteret, New Jersey
            Saturday, September 9, 2012
            Free show and it rained throughout his performance.
            Taylor came onstage saying "No Rain, No Rain".
            That's an old Woodstock Concert quote, as kids slid in the dirt in front of the stage.
               Taylor - 2nd time seeing ...


721.)  All Things Possible Tour w/ Jonny Diaz, Aaron Shust and Mark Schultz
            Langston Baptist Church, Conway, SC
                April 11, 2013

722.)  Mayfest on Main Street, North Myrtle Beach
           John Waite
           Little River Band
             May 11, 2013

723.)  Ground Zero Beach Blast
           Emcee - Bone Hampton,  Building 429
           Tenth Avenue North,  Toby Mac
              May 18, 2013

724.)  Finding Favor
          Audio Adrenaline
           Sunday, July 14, 2013
          A Ground Zero Concert, Myrtle Beach

725.)  Big Daddy Weave
           Sunday, August 4, 2013
           A Ground Zero Concert, Myrtle Beach, SC

726.)  Side Walk Prophets
           Sunday, August, 11, 2013
           Ground Zero Concert, MB

727.)  Dweezil Zappa
               Zappa Plays Zappa / The Roxy and Elsewhere album
           October 30, 2013
                The Grammercy
           New York City, New York
          a sort of mini-reunion of the DogBreath band, as Jimmy could not be there ...


728.)  Tim Timmons
           Group 1 Crew
           Big Daddy Weave
           Langston Baptist Church, Conway
           February 27, 2014

729.)  Elise Testone
           St. Patrick's Day at the Beach
           March 15, 2014

          Elise is a local who appeared on Americal Idol.
          Opened with Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. Later a 11 piece band performing Whole Lotta Love.
          Of course the "drunks" were out in full force. But no police to be seen on the way home.
          Must've been told to let the folks get home. As cars were swerving across lanes.
          I just avoided them all ...

730.)  The Pfeifers , Tribute Quartet
           Talleys , Gold City
            The Isaacs
           Singing in the Sun w/ special speaker Herb Reavis
              and the Wilmington Celebration Choir
           , Thursday April 24, 2014
              Myrtle Beach Convention Center
           Took Selfies with Talleys and Sonya Isaac.

731.)          Farm Aid 29
             Dennis Alley Wisdom Indian Dancers
                   Raelyn Nelson Band
                Jesse Lenat and David Lenat
                    Insect vs. Robots, Todd Snider, Carlene Carter
           Luke Nelson and the Promise of the Real
                     Delta Rae,  Jamey Johnson
                Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Gary Clarke Jr.,  Jack White
             Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
                    John Mellencamp,  Neil Young
               Willie Nelson and Family w/ David Amram
                September 13, 2014, Raleigh, North Carolina
                           Volunteer with Susan

732.)   The Little Roy and Lizzie Show
                  Appalachian Express
           Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver
             Rhonda Vincent and the Rage
           Gene Watson and the Farewell Party Band

    45th Annual South Carolina State Bluegrass Festival
              Saturday, November 29, 2014 performance
                     Myrtle Beach Convention Center


 733.)   Barbara Lewis
             Blue Monday
            The Guess Who
            Mayfest on Main, Saturday, May 9, 2015
            North Myrtle Beach High School
            A Free Concert held indoors due to rain ...

    734.)  Building 429
              A Ground Zero free concert near the old Pavilion site
              Sunday, June 28, 2015

    735. )  Among The Thirsty
               Tenth Avenue North
            Sunday Celebrations on the Boardwalk
              July 5th, 2015

    736.)  Ryan Stevenson
              Audio Adrenaline
              Sunday Celebrations on the Boardwalk
               July 12th, 2015

    737.)          Farm Aid 30
                Indian Dancers , Blackwood Quartet
                Ian Mellencamp , Insects vs. Robots , Holly Williams ,
                Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real
                Mavis Staples , Jamey Johnson
                Old Crow Medicine Show
                Kacey Musgraves , Imagine Dragons ,
                Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds ( and a spider)
                John Mellencamp
                Neil Young
                Willie Nelson and Family
                FirstMerit Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island, Chicago Illinois
                    September 19 , 2015

       738.)  The Old Paths
                   at  Cain Branch Baptist Church , October 11, 2015

       739)   Native Run
                    at The Loris Bog Off, October 17, 2015

       740.)    Reno , Danny Gokey
                   at Langston Baptist Church, Conway, SC October 25, 2015      


      741.)   Mother's Finest
                 Dr. W
                 Mickey Thomas' Starship
                   at Mayfest on Main, North Myrtle Beach
                   Saturday, May 7, 2016  Free

                Dr. W w/ Ross Childress formerly of Collective Soul.
                 While performing his own few hits. The band was nothing more
                  than a bar band playing oldies like Kiss's Rock N Roll All Night.
                Mother's Finest been around for 40 plus years. A nice rendition of
                 Strawberry Fields.
                Surprise, Surprise as Starship's Stephanie pulled off White Rabbit.

    742.)     Brent
                 7th Time Down
                 Ground Zero Ministries at Plyler Park, Myrtle Beach, SC
                  June 24, 2016

    743.)     Leftover Salmon
                 Hot Tuna
                 Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, New Jersey
                 August 4th, 2016
                 Went with Mike Shomsky, and like old times ...
                   made it downstairs.   

    744.)    Jerry Garcia Symphonic Orchestra
                   Featuring Warren Haynes
                 PNC Arts Center, Holmdel, New Jersey

                 Free tickets from a Live Nation Class Action Lawsuit
                  Settlement. $20.00 extra got Susan and I in Row O
                 Didn't matter, I was front row center for first half.

                 Set List - Bird, Crazy Fingers, Shakedown Street
                   Standing on the Moon, China Cat Sunflower
                       Scarlet Begonias, Morning Dew.
                               ( Intermission )
                 Uncle John's Band, Touch of Grey, Comes A Time
                    West L.A.Freeway, Drums, Blues For Allah,
                    Terrapin Station, Slipknot, Terrapin Refrain
                                Patchwork Quilt.
                             Encore - Stella Blue

    745.)                      Farm Aid 31
              Starr Swain , Wisdom Indian Dancers , Insects vs Robots
                   Ian Mellencamp , Margo Price
               Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real

               Jamey Johnson with special guest Allison Krauss
                    Nathaniel Rateliff and The Night Sweats
                         Sturgill Simpson , Alabama Shakes
                     Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
                        John Mellencamp
                          Neil Young
                              Willie Nelson and Family
                  Jiffy Lube Ampitheatre, Bistow, Virginia
                   September 17th, 2016


    746.)     The Lincoln Memorial Concert for the 45th President
                of the United States of America Inauguration Ceremony
               Jon Voight, Sam Moore, Ravi Drums and the Rocket Bots
                 The Piano Guys, The Frontmen of Country featuring
                  Tim Rushlow, Richie McDonald and Larry Stewart
                                 Lee Greenwood, Toby Keith
                                 Donald and Melanie Trump
                           January 19, 2017 Washington D.C.

   747.)   Ray Stevens
             At the Alabama Theatre, North Myrtle Beach, SC
               March 4th, 2017  - Free
             Tho' Susan gave me money for a ticket as my birthday concert,
           Someone handed me two tickets saying "Merry Christmas"
             Later I caught on that this was the rescheduled show due to
           Hurricane Matthew. Also, it seems everyone going to the show
            had tickets. So no way of selling any. Even the guy with the extra
             2nd row center seat. He ate it rather than giving it to me ...

   748.)     The Newsboys
               At Christ United Methodist Church, Myrtle Beach, SC
                 March 11, 2017 - Free , went as a Volunteer
             This is the band that has its' drum set rise in the air, tilt and then
              spin as the drummer keeps going ...

  749.)  The Browders
             with Pastor Greg Locke
             Dulah Baptist Church, Tabor City, North Carolina
             August 24, 2017  -  Free
         The Pastor is the one with the Target / Gender Neutral Bathroom video
          as well as being on FOX TV ...

  750.)  High Road
             First Baptist Church of North Myrtle Beach, SC
             August 25, 2017 - Free
                 Set List - I'll Fly Away, Victory in Jesus, intros, Home is Somewhere,
                    He is Love, Sweet Bye and Bye, Don't Weep For Me,
                I'd Rather Have Jesus, Walk Beside Me, Squirrel (fiddle tune),
                  We Are Broken, His Hand On Me, For The Beauty of the Earth,
                 Christ My Hope My Glory, encore - Worry, Turn Your Radio On

       000.)   Gospel Hymn Sing hosted by Gerald Wolfe
                    The Erwins, The Whisnants, Allen Family
                Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Friday Morning April 27th - Free

  751.)      Singing In The Sun
              Karen Peck and New River with the Wilmington Celebration Choir
              Emily Ann Roberts, Booth Brothers, The Harvesters, Jason Crabb
                   with special speaker Dr. John Bowman
                Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Saturday April 28th, 2017
                   Went with Susan, and somehow got two Free Tickets.

  752.)   The Browders
               at Pleasant Meadow Baptist Church, Green Sea, Loris, SC
                Sunday morning April 29, 2017 - Free - 7th

  753.)    Russell Thompkins Jr. and the New Stylistics
                Blue Monday
                 Great White
            Mayfest on Main, North Myrtle Beach, SC May 13, 2017
            Free Show - because of rain moved to the J. Bryant Community Center

  754.)               Farm Aid 32
             Wisdom Indian Dancers, Blackwood Quartet, Insects vs. Robots
                  Valerie June, Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real
                       Blackberry Smoke, Margo Price, Jamey Johnson
                             Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats
                      The Avett Brothers, Jack Johnson, Sheryl Crow
                 Dave Matthews with Tim Reynolds, John Mellencamp
               Neil Young with Lukas Nelson and The Promise of the Real
             Willie Nelson and Family with David Amram and many others ...
               At the KeyBank Pavilion, Burgettstown, Pennsylvania
                     September 16th, 2017 - Volunteer 4th time ...


  755.) Time and Time Again, A Celebration of Pat Dinizio
            Patty Smyth and Scandal
            The Smithereens
            and guests - Steven Van Zandt, Dave Davies
            Marshall Crenshaw, Graham Maby, Kenny Howes
            Richard Barone, Peter Zaremba, John Jorgenson
            Freedy Johnston, Ted Leo, Robin Wilson, Keith Streng
            Jim Monaghan, Ken Dashow, Ed Stasium
            The Gripweeds w/ Kurt Reil, Rick Reil and Kristin Pinell
            Zou Zou Mansour, Bebe Buell, Lenny Kaye, Tony Shanahan
            and Severo Jornacion.
            At the Count Basie Theatre, Red Bank, New Jersey
             January 13, 2018
            Was able to get to Jim B. a small Cigar Box Guitar that I had made ...

  756.)  The Browders
              at Fountain of Life Ministries, Conway, S.C.
                 March 18th, 2018

   757.)  Singing in the Sun
              with The McKamey's, The Talleys
                  Gold City, Dr. C. T. Lewis
                Jeff and Sheri Easter, Karen Peck
                  Brian Free and Assurance
            at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center
              Friday, April 20th, 2018
             Someone gave me a ticket ...

  758.)    Logan Henderson
            ( formerly of Big Time Rush )
         at the 2nd Annual Myrtle Beach Food Truck Festival
               Saturday April 21st, 2018   

  759.)   Dweezil Zappa
              Choice Cuts Tour - 2018
             at the Stone Pony, Asbury Park, New Jersey
               Thursday April 26, 2018

             Set List - The Purple Lagoon (intro), Andy, Lonely Little Girl, Flakes,
                          Fifty-Fifty, Pajama People, James Bond Theme, Studebaker Hawk,
                       Rollo, Absolutely Free, Call Any Vegetable, Tell Me You Love Me,
                    Dog Meat, Pound For A Brown, Cocaine Decision, Drowning Witch,
                  Sleeping In A Jar, Florentine Pogen, Sleep Napkins, Dirty Love,
                           Black Page #1, Black Page #2, Peaches en Regalia,
                This Town Is A Sealed Tuna Sandwich, Keep It Greasey, Cheepnis,
                       Son of Orange County Lumber Truck, Trouble Everyday
                Encore - Remington Electric Razor Jingle, Oh, In The Sky, Muffin Man

                The song "Oh, In The Sky was introduced by Dweezil as being a song that his dad
                  performed for a TV show in Europe during his first tour there. He said that his dad,     
                Frank, probably performed it just to "Aggravate" somebody.
                  Because of that explanation, we all probably appreciated the song all the more.

               Doors opened at 7:00 pm, show to start at 8:00 pm. So I was not going in right away.
                 Hadn't been in Asbury Park for a long time, so I went for a stroll on the boardwalk.
               Then back at the Stone Pony, waiting outside. Someone had an extra ticket, and they
               gave it to me. Since I already had a ticket, I said that I'd give it to someone who really
                needed it.
                 The show started at 8:15 pm, ended at 10:59 pm. I was still outside when two from the
                Stone Pony went running to the boardwalk. When a bouncer said that the show starts in
                 2 minutes. That was at 8:12 pm. I went in 2 minutes later.

               I've been going to concerts for maybe many, many decades, and have been given extra
                tickets to a show. This time I had the chance to give it to some guy who appeared as I
                  was maybe 40 years ago. The look of surprise in his eyes reminded me of myself
                in the same way. I am glad to have passed it on. Hoping one day he will do the same ...

   760.)    Carolina Country Music Fest
                     Thursday Night Kick Off Show
                   with;  Dee Jay Silver , Jimmie Allen , Josh Phillips ,
                          Tracy Lawrence , Cole Swindell
                    At the old Pavilion Park, Myrtle Beach, SC
          $29.00 ticket. I paid $10.00 to park right across the street from the parking garage that was                    charging $25.00. Some lots charging $40 and $50 to park. While the venue had parking
        set up miles away. I got to see the shuttle buses taking away tired concert goers, stuck in traffic.
        While I just walked one block away. The headliner was boring me.
          At the show I got a free haircut courtesy of American Crew. It was a promotion.
         Lots of Daisy Duke shorts, cowboys boots and liquor of all kinds. Only a few cowboy hats.
           One of them being my own. Courtesy of a "Big John".
          Of course the performers all encouraged the drinking.
        Now, while Tracy Lawrence came out playing his guitar with a taped up busted strumming
          finger that he later explained that he had cut with a razor of some sort.
         There was the headliner Cole Swindell who was too above ever picking up a guitar.
        All he did was sashay up and down the runway, singing and telling us all just how great
         he was. Josh Phillips wore a Pink Floyd Animals 1977 Tour t-shirt.
          Jimmie Allen I felt need to perform a longer set. Him I liked ...

    761.)  Atlanta Rhythm Section
               at the Conway River Fest, Saturday June 20th 2018
               TV station said that it was free. Instead a $5.00 admission
                 fee for the concert and the food vendors.
                  Lots of complaints at the fest' FB page ...